When working in Law Enforcement the last thing an officer needs to worry about is fumbling with their light. Our TX1R Rechargeable Flashlight, as well as our other Law Enforcement flashlights, comes with a belt clip. Our customer, and fan, Juan S let us know how well it's working for him:

"I have owned this compact sized flashlight for about 6 months now and got to say it really has been one of my favorite flashlights. On duty I always clip it to my duty belt with the provided clip. Extremely happy with it, especially being an LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) I do come across a lot of flashlights and really do believe for the price you can't beat the durability/features." 

Juan also uses this light off duty as well, stating "Walking/hiking and running through heavy brush this clip has yet to let me down...A+ for having the rotating clip." We like to hear when our lights make people's lives easier in all situations, thanks Juan!