Coast 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
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Stressed out as the holiday season approaches? Find yourself panicking over what gifts to get your loved ones? Ready to throw your favorite Coast product against a wall?! Not so fast, we’ve got you covered with the Coast 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve rolled out a bunch of new products this year, and many of them are fantastic stocking stuffers. Not to mention that our products are perfect for this time of the year when the weather gets worse and reliable LED lights, knives, and tools are needed. In the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide below, we will call out some of this gear and highlight what makes them the best gifts.


FL75R Rechargeable Pure Beam Focusing LED Headlamp

At this point, you may be familiar with our FL line of headlamps but what some of you may have missed is that we introduced a rechargeable option to the collection. The FL75R is equipped with our Flex Charge Dual Power technology, making it always ready for any task you have at hand. From a rigorous hike to a dirty job around the house, this headlamp will be your ultimate sidekick. Oh and we can’t forget to mention that it’s equipped with all of your favorite FL75 features.


HP8R Rechargeable Pure Beam Focusing LED Flashlight

If you or someone you know loves lumens then this is the ultimate flashlight! The HP8R is packed with 760 lumens of LED power. This flashlight was designed for those on the go as it is also equipped with our Flex Charge Dual Power technology. This gives the user ultimate power source versatility. Unique to the high powered rechargeable offerings, this light is locked and loaded with the beloved Pure Beam Focusing optic.


FX226 Frame Lock Folder

The ultimate gentleman’s knife, the FX226 is an excellent tool for everyday carry. The longer pocket clip on the knife can function as a money clip, adding a different level of versatility to a standard pocket knife. Don’t be fooled by the aesthetic of the knife either; it’s built rock solid with a stainless steel body. Viewers may notice the visible circle on the handle as well. Designed with a purpose, that space is left for engraving and can be used to share a special message.


Did someone say colors?! New to our product line is many LED flashlights and headlamps will be available for purchase in colored variations. Aside from the standard black option, you’ll have your choice of red, blue, green or orange. The HP3R and the HP4 are available for purchase in all the aforementioned colors. The A8R, G20, HP5R, HP7R, FL75, and FL75R are going to be available very soon.

12 thoughts on “Coast 2016 Holiday Gift Guide”

  1. I love your lights, I was on you evaluation panel a few years ago (what ever happened to that?) But your holiday buyers guide is too late 🙁
    You also offered direct special offers in the past!

    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


  2. Gentleman, What stores carry a full line of your products ? I shopped in several stores and they only had 2 types of flash lights to select from.
    Please let me know Thank You.
    I live in Westbury NY. Nassau County NY.

  3. Undoubtedly the best flashlights I’ve ever owned. Built to last for sure and the illumination from them is beyond compare. I will always buy Coast and I recommend to my co-workers and friends to do the same.

  4. Love your flashlights but you need to go big or go home basically you need to make a flashlight that’s brighter than everybody else’s that’s all!
    Same with the head light but needs to be comfortable not bulky but double the output at least but the handheld should be ridiculous 2400 lumen beam a real useable flashlight with 2400 at least then you won’t need these stupid emails word of mouth will serve you much better!!!

      1. Hi bought the “Coast LED Lenser V2 Triplex” through Amazon
        but somewhere somehow lost the 2 batteries.
        I need to buy the batteries:
        Lady-LR1-N-1.5V Alkaline LED Lenser

        Please email:
        Would like to know where do I purchase these batteries???
        I have not been able to use my brand-new battery yet. Thanks!

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