COAST Ambassadors: Lobsterman
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Mike Burns is one of our COAST ambassadors and the salt of the earth. He’s a former Marine and current assistant commander on a tactical team for the state of Maine, but he’s always being pulled back to his first love- lobster fishing. As a part-time lobsterman, he understands that exceptional gear is a must. From the darkness of the early morning to the late nights, good lighting is always needed on and around the boats. With these requirements in mind, Mike turned to COAST as his lighting choice while out on the job. Equipped with an HP314 LED flashlight and Polysteel 600 LED flashlight, he has gear that can handle any danger that he may face. The testimonial below provides a snapshot into Mike’s life and how we help support his lifestyle.

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  1. OOrah! I too am a former Marine. I use my coast light as a belt light that is handy and always at the ready. As a Sheriff’s Deputy in Michigan, I choose to work nights, and this little light has helped me many times. I am a Public Safety Diver and waiting for the Coast version of a rechargeable dive light that I can use on the road or in the water.

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