Defining EDC and Why You Should Include an LED Light
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EDC stands for everyday carry. Despite the fact you may have never heard of this term, you are most likely participating in EDC day in and day out. EDC is simply what you bring with you when you leave the house on a daily basis. From your wallet to chap stick, all of the items that you find in your pocket or purse can be considered your “EDC” essentials. Everyday carry went from a phrase to a movement by our friends at Their website is built upon the idea of sharing the items that are your EDC essentials while also providing product recommendations on what to carry. In fact, a number of our products have been in featured in their posts. If you scroll through the images of different of user’s EDC items, you’ll notice that there is no perfect combination or set items you should have with you every day. However, in this blog post, we wanted to make a case on why an LED light is an EDC necessity.

When a lot of people think flashlights, their minds go to the ones of the bulky variety. So when we make a pitch that an LED light should be carried every day, we can definitely see why some may raise an eyebrow. However, those familiar with our lights and the LED lighting industry as a whole, know that LED lights are getting smaller but brighter. We even have pocket and penlights that have 200+ lumen light outputs. Owners can easily store a light with some serious beam power in their pocket or bag with ease. Convenience isn’t the only reason either- an LED light is a very useful tool to have on you at all times. From examining under a vehicle to navigating through the black of night, an LED light can very handy.

We have a number of led lights that would fit the mold of a great everyday carry light but we designed the HX5 to be the ultimate EDC pocket light. The light can have up to a 345 lumen light output (using Li-Ion batteries) despite its small size. Equipped with our Pure Beam Focusing optic, you have two different beam types available at your disposal from one light. Finally (maybe the most importantly to some) is the convenience. The HX5 is equipped with our two-way clip that can even go as far as being able to clip on a hat bill. Plus, like many of our small lights, it also has a key ring hole should you choose to attach it to your set.

Now that you’re more familiar with EDC, you probably realize that you inadvertently participate it in every day with your “go-to” items. If you want to learn more about what other people use as their everyday carry, follow on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. And should you see the value in carrying an LED light every day, we are more than happy to support your lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “Defining EDC and Why You Should Include an LED Light”

  1. I understand carrying a flashlight as EDC. I have been carrying a (ahem, Streamlight) 2-AAA flashlight, clipped inside my jeans front pocket for several years. They last for anywhere from 4 months to about 10 month before the switch stops working. I package a couple of them up and send them back and they send me new ones. Frankly, I appreciate their guarantee but I’m sick of sending them back. I bought two of them and they have replaced them both at least four times. I have two to send back right now.
    What I am looking for is a flashlight to replace them with that don’t stop working. There’s nothing worse than a flashlight that doesn’t work!
    Hopefully you don’t source your switches from the same place Streamlight does.
    I live here in Portland Metro. Do you sell directly out of your door to locals?

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