Knife Lab

Think making the perfect knife is a quick and easy process? Think again…

At Coast, each knife begins as an idea and then gets put to paper. But it can’t go to production from just that, so each concept is carefully turned into a hand carved wood handle to test the ergonomics, size, and aesthetics.

After we are confident with the hand done model, we put it back to paper in order to create a 3D rapid prototype model it really gets put it to the test for form and function. Once we are satisfied that the original idea has passed all the inspections and qualifications to become an official Coast knife, it gets put to full production and finds its way to your hands.

Just because your knife went through all of these hurdles and steps to get to your hand, does not mean the Knife Lab gets to turn the lights off. Every knife in the collection is constantly scrutinized to make sure that it has reached its maximum potential.

Just another reason that Coast Knives are FASTER, SMOOTHER, SAFER