Building an Emergency Kit with Coast
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In the event of a storm or a disaster, it’s important to be prepared. This prep doesn’t just include being aware of the potential emergency prior to happening but also being prepared during and after the disaster hits. Depending on the severity, your home may be without life essentials such as electricity, water, gas, and various other amenities. Building a strong emergency kit is absolutely key with these risks in play. According to a kit building article from FEMA, an emergency kit should last you for at least 72 hours. With many of these items being common around the house, you can start building out your kit today. Below we going to map out a necessities checklist and how some of our products can help fill those needs.

The two most important items to have on hand is food and water. With water outage a potential issue, FEMA recommends having one gallon per person per on hand. This water will be used for drinking and sanitation. The recommended food supply is at least three days worth of food. Expanding upon this, the food supply should cover the daily recommended 2000 calories per person per day. An important note when preparing food supplies is to make sure that all food purchased is non-perishable as you may find yourself without any method of storing perishables.

Other key items include a first aid kit, battery-powered or hand crank radio, a whistle, sanitation supplies, local maps, and a cell phone with non-electricity powered chargers. The first aid kit and sanitation supplies are important as you want to avoid any risks for disease or infections in potential close quarter living situations. You will want to be in the know for news alerts or potential information on relocation amidst an emergency by having communication and navigation tools in your emergency kit. Finally, with a whistle, it’s important to have one on hand in case you find yourself trapped and needing to alert rescue teams.

So where can Coast contribute to your emergency kit? With three product categories in particular- a flashlight, a multi-tool, and lanterns. Two recommended items by FEMA are a can opener and a wrench or pliers. To save yourself some storage space, pack one of our multi-tools. They are equipped with both recommended items plus various other useful tools that you may find yourself needing in a pinch. While having a flashlight is important, you want to make sure to take the time to pack a reliable flashlight even more so. We recommend packing one of our Polysteel lights that are waterproof, drop proof, and crush proof. You never know what kind of emergency you’ll face and you’ll want reliable tools that last through it with you.

The most important lighting recommendation that’s not listed on the FEMA kit list is emergency area lanterns. We highly recommend packing one large lantern and a few smaller lanterns. A big lantern can be used as a strong source of light that you can use to illuminate an entire room or space. We also recommend multiple smaller ones if you find yourself occupying multiple rooms during an emergency as they can be hung up around those various spaces. Understanding you may be without power, the better off you’ll be with a higher number of available lighting sources.

Recommended Coast Items for an Emergency Kit:

Polysteel 600 Flashlight

LED155 Multi-Tool

EAL20 Emergency Area Lantern

EAL12 Emergency Area Lantern

16 thoughts on “Building an Emergency Kit with Coast”

  1. Received a TX10 led torch for christmas. potentially very good, but the red LED is not working. Unfortunately i live in Britain, very unfortunately. Does the warranty cover this product in this country.

  2. I would have to say no matter what else you have with you make sure you have a COAST eal20 lantern!! I have left my on high sitting in the corner of my living room for a solid week and it was still going strong, I am talking day and night 24/7!!! It has been dropped, rained on, rolled down a hill and if it stopped working tomorrow I would by three more, they are just that good!! Puts out a nice even light in a room, any size room and last forever on the four D-cell batteries!!! I would also want my hp7r with the rechargeable packs all charged and ready to go, which they always are lol, my hl27 i think it is, it is the older less lumen head lamp that is dimmable which again conserves batterey!!! Also my 155 multitool would be a must lol! It would be everything I carry on me daily except for the lantern and it Is setting beside the bed, ready for use!!! If I had to chose one, the lantern would win out for a emergency!! It is that good!!! Would like to try the newer lantern that just came out also sometime soon!!

  3. I have invention on new cap light and want someone to produce it on licenses agreement, like %3 it has much more power than the other one I invented. If interested please call or e-mail me with nda and I will send drawings. Thanks John Osborn 575 535 2020

  4. I love my flashlight! I received it as a gift for Christmas. I am elderly and when asked what I wanted for Christmas the only thing I wanted, didn’t already have (I had SEVERAL old flashlights), was a REALLY GOOD flashlight. I was given the Coast 19221 HP7R Rechargeable.
    I have had the need to use it a few times since December and now want to recharge it. I have gone on YouTube to see if there is a website that would show me how to do that but all I can find are the reviews. Can you direct me to a site that will demo how to recharge my flashlight?

  5. Wanted to know how to register my Coast 620 Lumens LED Focussing LED Light l bought 5/8/2016 for my wife for Mother’s Day. That’s what she wanted.

  6. I have a coast knife, FX411, and the screw that hold on the belt clip has fallen off. Can you tell me where I can get another screw as the screw is too small for most stores to carry. I would be happy to pay for the screw if you can provide one. Please advise.
    Thank you, John Wycoff

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