Hurricane Season Is Here
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Hurricane season is officially here. Turn on any major news outlet and it’s hard to miss the mention of Hurricane Hermine or Hurricane Lester. Don’t let the names fool you either; both are bringing heavy storms to land and impacting those living in the respective areas. In fact, Hurricane Hermine knocked out power to over 250,000 residents on Florida’s northwest coast. Now when it comes to a hurricane kit, necessary items include water, food, extra clothing, and blankets. However, in instances where the power goes out during Hurricane season, having sources of light are key.

The most important thing for when these emergencies hit is having multiple lighting products on hand. There are chances you’ll have to light up multiple spaces to light up and also have to move from room to room in the dark. We recommend having at least one LED lighting product for each resident of your household. With individual lighting, a mix of LED flashlights and headlamps are recommended. This provides the option of having hands free lighting available if someone needs to fix something in the house or prepare some food. A great headlamp to store for these situations is the new FL75R. It’s a rechargeable headlamp that features our Flex Charge Dual Power System that ensures the headlamp is always ready for use. It also comes with a red light option that prevents night blindness if illuminated in a dark space.

When choosing a flashlight, we recommend going with one of our Polysteel models. They’re built to withstand any storm being waterproof, crushproof, and drop proof. They are also equipped with our Pure Beam Focusing Optic, which provides the user with a wide angle flood and spot beam option. The final product we recommend is an emergency area lantern. Chances are you’ll need to illuminate a large space, and the lanterns are perfect for this need. Our ultimate emergency area for hurricane season is the EAL20. With a whopping 80 hour runtime and multiple light modes, this is lantern is built to withstand long nights of waiting out a storm.

The combination of a headlamps or flashlights with lanterns are an absolute must for hurricane season. Our products are built and tested for these situations. With our goal of not just being brighter but better, our goal is to support your lifestyle during this hurricane season. Finally and most importantly, we hope those in direct path of the hurricanes stay safe.

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  1. What type of a cord should we use on our new Poly steel 600 flashlight.
    There is poly loop next to the light switch for this cord.

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