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There are penlights, and then there is the HP3R Flashlight which is the brightest penlight on the market. With our Flex Charge Dual Power system, this light harnesses either lithium or alkaline power and using a micro USB, you can recharge the batteries in the light or quickly swap out to alkaline when needed. With high and low modes and the twist focus, this light is a supercharged penlight capable of anything.

With Coast’s commitment to quality, the HP3R Flashlight is impact resistant, weather resistant and its LED is virtually unbreakable. The HP3R Flashlight is backed by Coast’s lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards.

Available Color Options:
Color: Black Color: Red Color: Blue Color: Green Color: Orange

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| Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards
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    I love the brightness of this light and that it has two light levels and changing focus. I’m glad it has a lifetime warranty. I am on my third light in one year. I don’t like the battery life or how long it takes to charge. Worst yet is the battery overall life and only having a year warranty. The most recent one I have is only 3 months old, but the battery already went bad, started corroding, and it wouldn’t charge. In a month my original purchase date will be up. I’m hoping I don’t have to spend money every three months to buy a battery. But maybe the light will just keep breaking and come with a new one and I won’t have to worry.

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    Hi Bryan, is sounds like you have a malfunctioning light. All of our products are backed by a lifetime warranty and we would love to take a look at it and get you a new one! Please contact our Warranty Department https://coastportland.com/warranty-info/ and we will take care of your problem. Thanks!

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    Light doesn’t last that long only 45 minutes minimum. Light startes flickering and takes a long time charging. As of today it wont turn on had it charging for 5hours straight. No luck it won’t turn on. When it works as intended it’s a great Penlight.

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    Justin, if you still one of the lights, it can be fixed under our Lifetime Warranty. Please contact our team here so we can get that HP3R back up and running. Thanks!

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    got a black light stays together not fallen apart

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    Hugo, we apologize for the defect in your light. Please contact our Warranty Team to get this fixed. Our products are backed by a lifetime warranty and we’d love to assist in getting this fixed. Thanks!

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    i got one as a gift last year and im having the same problem with it when it charges the light wont turn off

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    Had 1 if won’t turn on returned it and the second one only stay charged for 15 to 20 minutes not happy parts store doesn’t carry them anymore

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    It’s a good light no doubt it. Just needs updated USB port and longer battery life. It takes like half a day to charge but only last 1hr 30mis…???

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    Hi Mark, we apologize for the issues you’re experiencing with your light. When you have the chance, please contact our warranty team so we can assist in getting this fixed. All of our lights are backed by a lifetime warranty. Thanks!

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    I’ve been using an HP4, I know it’s old school so don’t laugh, for at least 4 years and I just love it. Yes I’m thinking about updating to a USB rechargeable, but it’s hard to give up on something that works so well.

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    2nd one within 6 months. Both stopped charging, started corroding. Was hoping I didnt need to warranty for the 2nd time.

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    HP3R Battery doesn’t last the 1.5 hours promised and it takes forever to charge. Had multiple battery’s and lights. Not satisfied at all

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    I’ve been using a different brand usb rechargeable light for years and just bought a HP3R to try it out. I like the fact that I can also use standard alkaline batteries if I need to in a pinch, in the other brand I couldn’t, you could only use the supplied rechargeable battery. This light is also a lot brighter than the other brand light I’ve been using. I’ll definitely will buy more of the coast lights in the future.

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    With our lifetime warranty, we can help you get that fixed. It certainly sounds like a defect and we’d like to correct that for you. Our warranty team can be reached here. Thanks!

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    I used to LOVE this light, I USED TO LOVE ALL OF NY COAET LIGHTS! Well, not so much anymore. I am charging it and the light won’t turn off! I ONLY use Coast lights and have expressed how great they are to my co-workers, friends and family. I have quite a few of them. I have the HP3R; Penlight, PX20; Dual Color, FL13, FL44 Headlamps, A25R Stainless Steel and the HP314R bigger flashlight. Lately, they have all been giving me a little trouble and they’re all less than 2 YEARS OLD!! Please help me!?!?

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    Steve, we apologize for the issue you’ve had with your HP3R. Our Warranty Team would love to talk to you at greater length regarding the light and, with our Lifetime Warranty, we can help get that fixed. Thanks!

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    Had to replace the battery in the first month and now the on and off switch quit I will never buy another coast light

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    Great flashlight but when charging it, I have trouble keeping the light from turning on itself and the battery life doesn’t last long at all. Takes over 2 hours to charge sometimes and only lasts no more than an hour. It starts getting dim after about 20 minutes

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    Hi Ernie, I apologize for the issue with your light. If you give us a call or send us an email, our warranty team will be able to assist.

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    Love the light but can’t get it to turn off while charging. Is there a reason for that? Didn’t do it when I first got it.

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    Donald, give us a call and we can help you get a replacement cap with our lifetime warranty!

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    Love the light but can’t use anymore because the end cap that has the on off button broke and light won’t work….its a shame because this light was by far the best I’ve ever had

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    This light is great. I’v carried it everyday for over a year. It’s been dropped and abused and is finally showing signs of use. I recommend this light because it’s small and also because it’s rechargeable.

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    I am extremely impressed at the quality and build of this light. The brightness is astonishing. The only thing I would like is a reversible clip, so that you could clip it in your pocket but also clip it to something to make the shine out – like a hat visor. Look at the Surefire backup for an example.

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    Just got it today but if it’s anything like the g20 model I know I’ll like it. Good quality light light weight and bright for the size. Although I got a free g10 with the purchase of the g20 i didn’t find and promotions in this package but no big deal.

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    Absolutely love the light, it is extremely bright. As a mechanic it as great to have a small pocket light that is more than bright enough for amy situation. I have lost larger lights and other pocket lights at work, and have a few streamlights i have got from the tool trucks but rarely touch them anymore due to this light. One of my coworkers had an issue eith his light not working with the rechargeable battery but it worked with aaa batteries fine, recently i had the same issue but a new battery is cheap and fixed the issue.

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    Good item too bad its online only, I don’t do online only

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    Great light, even low gives enough light to inspect vehicles. Wish the battery lasted longer, and had an available separate charger so I could have a backup ready to go. Would still recommend to anyone in the automotive industry.

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    Very nice, Except the clip should be lifted up little bit.

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    Stopped working after a month, the led is also loose because it always flickers even at full charge. It is nice and bright but no way reliable.

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    I am in the automotive business and the HP3R is exactly what I was looking for. The amount of light it puts out is enough to inspect any vehicle top to bottom. I have it on my shirt pocket about 7 hours a day and has never gotten in the way. I have dropped it several times while standing and a few times while running (flashlight was in my hands) and it has never given me a problem. One thing I noticed is small dirt particles inside where the light is but haven’t noticed a difference. Lastly I wish there was a dock or something to charge the batteries outside the flash light, although the light is great it’s a bummer to have to put it down to charge..

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    I am a automotive technician student and i coudnt find a flashlight that was small enough to get in tight spaces and be bright enough until i found this one i have had it for a year now and i have dropped it in coolant and oil and still working perfectly its nice and durable best flash light for automotive but i wish that the rechargeable battery would last longer and that there was some kind of magnetic attachment to mount on car when i need to use both hands but besides that best flash light

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    Mark 0  0das doch n fake. die unealhtrten sich doch nicht wirklich so einfach und sind sich unsicher. is das wirklich echt und nicht gestellt?

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    Had it for about a month and the battery went bad. Had to buy another battery after wainting several months(because they were out of stock) for 20.00 with shipping. Awesome

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    ive had mine for a little over a year and absolutely love it!!
    im a technician so I’m always needing extra light. the zoom helps a lot if I’m trying to point something out to someone in a tight spot. i also have a streamlight stinger that i don’t even use because this one is so handy and almost as bright. other than work i carry this with me everywhere and feel so uncomfortable if i don’t have it on me. a full charge will last me almost 2 days and I’m always using it. unfortunately my rechargeable battery just died on me but it lasted an entire year!
    i highly recommend this light if you are looking for a high powered everyday carry light!!

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    Pocket Pen clip is too low, around 5cm of the light remaining out of the pocket. it is better if we have upper slot option for the clip.

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    I’m a mechanic and flashlights are tools that we use more than anything. I get them dirty, drop em, soak em, etc. Although i haven’t used this light too much yet, it definitely looks and feels pretty sturdy. Nice metallic body and thick rubber tail cap. I love being able to flood or throw the light depending upon what i need. The beam is very snow white in color and not bluish like most led lights. The throw is pretty decent as well. I also like being able to charge it using a regular micro USB connector, not like some proprietary chargers other brands use.
    Would definitely recommend if you need an EDC or job related light.

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