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The FL70 Headlamp combines our Pure Beam Focusing technology with one of our new front loaded headlamps. The FL70 Headlamp gives you the ability to shine an ultra wide flood beam and then quickly twist the bezel to a long reaching spot beam with transition halo so that you can be ready for anything. The IPX4 weatherproof rating and reflective safety strap allow this headlamp to be ready for any environment.

With Coast’s commitment to quality, the FL70 Headlamp is impact resistant, weather resistant and its LED is virtually unbreakable. The FL70 Headlamp is backed by Coast’s lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards.

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| Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards
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    I love the light output, and the ability to focus the light. It can be a good light for riding at night. Catch number 1 is that I cannot get anywhere near the runtime listed above on Medium or High on either alkaline or Ni-mh. Catch number 2 is that the latch to release the battery compartment is a challenge to use out on a trail.
    It is a great light, just make sure that you bring spare batteries and are selecting it for an activity that isn’t of a duration that is too long for the light (leave yourself a very generous cushion versus the 2 and 2:45 minute times listed above.

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    Just found these at Costco, 2 Pack for $29.99, what a deal! They are awesome! Great quality, design, value and Lifetime Warranty. I use them all the time fixing my vehicles and doing home repairs, frees up my hands so I can work. I highly recommened Coast LED headlamps.

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    I have several other coast headlamps and truly swear by the product line. This has been no exception for me. The headband is wide and comfortable, and the light output and focusing system are great. I use this light primarily for campsite use and nighttime dog walking. The button is glove friendly and the low output is perfect for close up reading without blinding, while “high” cranks out good usable light to say the least. To elaborate a little more: The focusing system is great, if you never used one like this, try it and you will never return to a non-focusing light. As an example, I love to be able to spot wildlife and have a good distance beam when I am sitting by the fire, or walking the trails at night with my dog, but at camp I can light up a large work area with a steady beam of light, no hot spot and it works like a charm. Really bright if I am splitting wood at night or setting up tents/tarp in the dark and the “med” or “low” flood beam are great for up close work like cooking or prepping my camp cigar. And the smaller profile and total front containment of light and batteries is nice (just a preference). What you give up, compared to the separate battery compartment of some of the other Coast models is the infinite variability of light output, but since Coast did a great job of a proper low/medium/high selection on this model, I do not miss that feature on lights like the HL7 (which I own and is also a stellar light). Bottom line is it is worth the money and is well designed and super useful.

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    This is the best bang for your buck headlamp! Super bright with 405 lumens! Easy High/Medium/Low function. Has Spot to Flood function; always use the spot function though. Really happy with product!

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    this headlamp is awesome and I really like its got a high output and I really really like its performance and unbreakable LED. I bought it for 43.00 @ Lowe’s and I am satisfied with this product both in price and for what I use it for.