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If you need a general use light with our Bulls-Eye Spot Beam optics that is suited for whatever the day or night throws at you, the G26 Flashlight is what you need. It consists of the same extremely bright centered spot beam and a very reliable transition halo to increase the effective viewing area.

With Coast’s commitment to quality, the G26 Flashlight is impact resistant, weather resistant and its LEDs are virtually unbreakable. The G26 Flashlight is backed by Coast’s lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards.

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| Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards
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    Great bright light! Durable too. I noticed a small hole next to the on/off button. Is this for a lanyard or wrist strap?

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    Jess, you’ll need to unscrew the tail cap counterclockwise to access the batteries.

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    I have the g25 and I can’t seem to get it open to change the batteries please help how do I open it

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    Hi Patricia, we apologize for the issue with your light. Please contact our warranty team and they’ll be able to assist in getting you a tail cap replacement. Thanks!

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    Super-bright, long-distance beam, in a compact size. Unfortunately, as soon as I took it out of the package, the rubber button-cover fell off the tail-cap, and couldn’t be permanently reattached. I muddled thtough for a while, until the switch-button itself jammed, rendering the flashlight inoperable. I’ve only had it for 2 weeks.

    I’m in Canada, so it’s expensive and complicated to send the entire flashlight back & forth across the border. I’d prefer to just get a replacement tail-end for it.

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    I actually own the G25, which the G26 replaced. Have had it several years and never a problem. Keep in my camping kit and it’s suffered a number of knocks and drops and never failed. Perfect amount of light for a campsite area. If the G26 is a step up, buy it!

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    Jim, thanks for the suggestion! We will share this idea with our Product Development Team.

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    had flashlight for over a year now and love the dual LED beam giving medium range spot and broad range close up flood beam. Great for everyday use in and outside. I did add a thin film of silicone on two sides of light to act as base and help prevent rolling. any possibility in creating an add-on rubber tip with a flat side to keep from rolling when set down?

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    Hi Steve,

    We apologize for the issue. We definitely want it to be viewed as a disposable flashlight and with our lifetime warranty, our team can help you get it fixed. Please call or email us here: . Thank you!

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    LOVED this flashlight until one evening I when to use the flashlight and it did not work. I used it just a week earlier when I was replacing some lights in the basement. I opened it to replace the original batteries that came with it and the battery closest to the led is corroded and I am unable to remove. I did not realize that I was getting a disposable flash light. Received as a Christmas gift in 2016.

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    This a great, rugged and very bright little torch. My experience has been less than stellar due to a bit of battery leakage. I keep it stored lens-up in a slot in my backpack, so when the batts leaked the corrosive stuff found its way into the button, and now it’s hit or miss when trying to switch on. If I can fix it or get a new part, I will now keep the batts out until I need it. It’s a great light however very susceptible to damage of this kind.

    I hope they will sell me the replacement part.

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    fantastic light. works great. light weight, powerful. I have several around the house and in my car.

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    Work good for a while took the batteries out and stored it put batteries back in and it don’t work

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    Received a G26 as a gift a week ago. I am a LEO and have put this flashlight thorough several stress test during the week. No failures and has worked flawlessly as advertised. On the web site now setting up an account and planning on purchasing a few more today.

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    I had a COAST flashlight and the rubber switch popped off. I sent it back for repair and they gave me a new G26 flashlight. Not only that, but COAST did this in a timely process and they exceeded my expectations. I am now brand loyal to COAST! Double thumbs up guys! And, in closing, thank you for being true to your word on your warranty protection.

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    I purchased this light after a friend of mine purchased a larger coast light and I saw the quality and craftsmanship going into their products

    I needed a pen size (or similar) and came across the G26 and for under 30 this is a great light!

    Easy to hold, and easily light up an entire room….

    Only cons I could find is it’s completely round (the body) so if you lay it on a flat surface it likes to roll, maybe a design with edges so it wouldn’t roll but either way I’m extremely happy with the light