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Utilizing a slightly larger size body, the HP14 Flashlight can run off AA batteries and achieve the brightness and power that professionals crave. It combines our Pure Beam Focusing System with Slide Focus with high, medium, and low output modes to illuminate with either a super wide flood beam or spot mode with transition halo at varying distances and brightness all controllable with one hand. Its anti-roll tail cap allows you to set it on uneven surfaces without rolling off and it even allows you to stand the light up on its cap for vertical lighting situations.

With Coast’s commitment to quality, the HP14 Flashlight is impact resistant, weather resistant and its LED is virtually unbreakable. The HP14 Flashlight is backed by Coast’s lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards.

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| Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards
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    Best Torch I have ever owned.
    But don’t use rechargeable batteries in them as they are often larger in size and can cause the battery pack to get stuck inside the aluminium housing

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    Have the Coast HP14. Love the light. Use it for home and industrial inspections. Replaced batteries, won’t come back on. Changed batteries and still won’t work.

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    Awesome flashlight!
    I need to replace the batteries, but how???

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    Lost my first Coast
    Bought this one on the eve of one storm
    And used it over the summer with zero issues..Been dropped,stepped on,sat on by a burly feller….had the batterys burst because i left in the Texas summer heat in a black car
    Cleaned out the gook from cheap batterys,dried and put in fresh alkalines and recently used it very hard through Hurricane Harvey without one worry..ZERO worry that it would fail.
    Use it at work as security in a large car lot and with fresh batts will light up the fence at 50 yards with no issue.
    With a modicum of care this light has been bullit proof.

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    Chris, we can definitely get you situated with a replacement. Please contact our Warranty Team and they will be able to assist. Thanks!

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    Can I get a new battery pack for this light? Mine broke after it got stuck inside.

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    Hello, Courtney, please contact our Warranty Team. Thanks!

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    Hey, David, please contact our warranty team and they’ll be able to assist!

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    This was a great flashlight, but it fell out of my daughter’s pocket onto a cement floor and now it won’t work. I’ve changed the batteries and checked all the connections but it still won’t light. I’m worried the LED itself is damaged. If you can provide any advice how I might resurrect it, that would be great- it was a great tool. I’ve taken it back to the hardware store but they couldn’t think of anything I haven’t already tried. Thanks!

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    The flashlight now only stays on the low setting and I am having issues with that.. who do I contact?

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    Love it BUT it is no longer working with fresh batteries. It does not come on. Have triple checked battery positions. Question: only two of the connector prongs on the base of the battery pack are protruding. Should all 3 be? Is that the problem?

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    Hello Todd, it’s possible the battery pack is stuck in the tube. Would you please reach out to our Warranty Team so they can get a few additional details? Thanks!

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    I cannot get the battery pack out. I have taken off the back of the flashlight but there are 4 screws. Do I need to undo the screws to change the batteries?

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    Hey Kenny, could you please contact our warranty team? They’ll be able to assist. Thanks!

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    Flashlight is great, was dropped and the bulb is busted and can’t find a replacement, only had it 3 months.

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    COAST HP14 the best flashlight and the best gift I received from my auntie from Winnipeg Canada. but my problem how to change the battery? I open the tail end and unscrew the 4 small screws and remove the plastic black color panel and something like a metal connector but unfortunately the battery pack is stuck up and with a fluid/ dried white rust that accumulates on the side. pls. advise what to do? I hope that I can still use this flashlight.Thank you. Im from Manila Philippines.

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    Steve, to replace the batteries, you will need to remove the tail cap. It can be removed by twisting it counter clockwise.

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    Good product. However, stupid question: how to change the battery?

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    I dropped it on the ground and the white part cracked. It doesn’t turn on anymore. If somebody can give me advice, I would appreciate that because this is the best flashlight I have ever used.

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    The BEST flashlight I have had ever own, even used! Great quality, real bright, not too big, and very durable.

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    Best flashlight just bought my (2) hp14 keep making a great product.

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    went from G10 to the px25 to the hp 7 and now this 100% on all the flash lights just love upgrading each year!!

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    Awsome, durable, the best. Even works as a defense weapon.
    Manny g. Security Guard

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    Hp 14 is awesome. Last flashlight I’ll ever buy. Unless I lose it. Then I will by another one.