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A perfect mix of size, form, and performance, the HP7 Flashlight is rightfully one of our most popular handheld lights. It combines our Pure Beam Focusing System with Slide Focus with high, medium, and low output modes to illuminate with either a super wide flood beam or spot mode with transition halo at varying distances and brightness all controllable with one hand. It’s anti-roll tailcap allows you to set it on uneven surfaces without rolling off and it even allows you to stand the light up on its cap for vertical lighting situations.

With Coast’s commitment to quality, the HP7 Flashlight is impact resistant, weather resistant and its LED is virtually unbreakable. The HP7 Flashlight is backed by Coast’s lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards.

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| Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards
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    Excellent bright light- I like the focus ability very much- I do structural and water damage investigation work- great light for the job. Well Done.

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    Had a similar problem with dirty contacts, light just stopped working and batts were fine. Use a q-tip and a little bit of alcohol to clean all of the contacts including the ones inside of the battery carrier and it’s fixed. Great light, have had it for 8 years with no problems until now, glad it was user serviceable.

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    Stopped working suddenly? Clean the battery contacts with alcohol and a swab. Hard to believe, but it worked for me.

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    Felipe, one can be purchased here.

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    Where can I buy the battery pack for this flashlight HP7 what store in this moment cos the one that’s brings get broke.

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    Just got a brand new warranty replacement in the mail. After 4 years The old one started flickering and would drain batteries because it would stay on very dim. This replacement looks brighter than my last one box says its 530 lumens! Hopefully this is a new line of hp7s that work better than the last one i had. Will post a review on my replacement in a few months.

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    Great light! Will this work with tape switch and rail mount?

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    Ben, that is certainly an uncommon issue! Please contact our warranty team and they’ll be able to assist in fixing your light.

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    Just saw a similar review, flashlight was good, but now it won’t turn off – small beam stays on, this will certainly drain the batteries quicker AND now I have an unwanted beam of light coming out of my OFF flashlight. Coast – please help us out! Used to love it, now I’m not so sure!

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    Was/Is a great flashlight. My only issue right now, is that the light doesn’t fully turn off anymore. I have to unscrew the casing so the light goes off and I don’t drain the battery. A very dim light stays on. I am assuming its getting an extra contact somewhere.

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    I have had this flashlight for over 5 years now I won it by chance in a raffle on Father’s day at my church. I hadn’t ever heard of the Coast brand before after I started using the light I was extremely impressed by it’s tuffness and durability I’ve dropped this light off of the second story of a house roof in water and mud ran it over accidentally with a 4 wheeler and even hit with a saw blade. The only damage to the light is a scratch where the blade hit it. It still works like brand new.

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    I am a home inspector and really do love the HP7. I noticed there is a slot on the flashlight for a wrist strap, but I did not receive one with the light. I also noticed a wrist strap on one in an ad, Are the wrist straps available?- Thx

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    I own several Coast HP 7 flashlights and keep them in multiple locations. They are the best. However, one developed a defect in the battery pack, which needs to be replaced. How can I purchase and replace the battery pack for the HP 7? Everything else is working fine when I interchange parts from another.

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    I like the HP7 flashlight when it works. Have to clean the contacts at least one per month get it to work. Why do I loose battery contact so often?

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    I love this light. However, I dropped it from my duty belt onto a concrete floor, and now it won’t come on. How do I get it repaired?

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    Great Flashlight! Dropped it in abouthe 6 ft of water while evacuating residents in my neighborhood from Hurricane Harvey flooding. Still works!

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    Had a little trouble with the light so I contacted the warranty department they took care of the problem … Great Company. Great Service Great Light

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    Really like this flashlight. As Quality Control on a Corps of Engineers construction project, I need to be able to inspect areas where light levels are low. This really lights the areas up. Found out that when batteries get weak that the flashlight will not give you all 3 light levels. Changed batteries and I was back in business.

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    Hello, Tonya, with our Lifetime Warranty, we will be able to assist in fixing your light. Please contact our Warranty Team and they will be able to assist. Thanks!

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    I bought one of these for work because I inspect painted parts and it worked amazing. Also great it the yard at night with the dog using the zoom however it recently stopped working, I replaced batteries and was going to try replacing bulb but can not seem to find replacement. Very disappointed because until it quit it was hands down the best and I have tried quite a few.

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    I bought this light about 6 months ago and have had to change the battery a few more times than I would like. Other than that i habe bo complaints what so ever. I gave my maglight to my sister during a power outage (wasn’t about to give her this one). I’ve put this light through quite a few camping trips and it has performed phenomenally. I will find out how it does with salt water and the salty air this summer.

    P.S. My sister can keep the maglight.

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    Is a great flashlight !! I love it !! I have it for 3 years the only downside is the pouch the velcro doesn’t stick no more and I dropped a couple of times that the only issue

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    Morock, we’re sorry to hear about the issues with your flashlight. For reference, we do offer a rechargeable version of the HP7 with the HP7R.

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    Bought one of these lights 3 years ago. Does ok. Eats alkaline batteries like nothing so I tried some Lith/ion
    I thought the damn thing was goning to catch fire it got so hot. I had light work gloves on, so it to some time to feel it. Popped that battery carriage out and let it cool down. Guess it only eats alkaline?

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    Ive had this flashlight just over 2 years. In that time I have beaten the dog poo out of this light and it’s still kicking. Dropped it countless times, left it in the rain, left it in customer engine bay for a month(glad it’s made its way back). Currently running energizer Li rechargeables. Great purchase.

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    Love the flashlight but it just quit working

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    What a great flashlight when you need it it’s there it’s small fights right in my hand it’s so sweet thank u

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    Kevon, we’re sorry to hear about the issue with your flashlight. Please contact our Warranty Team and they will be able to assist you in fixing your light. Thanks!

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    I bought my HP7 2 years ago and took it caving about 7 times so far its been thew some tough stuff I use it to change the oil in my car and even a water pump and took a bath in antifreeze I live in West Virginia and been helping with flood clean up every weekend since June its been dropped in flood water and mud and still keeps on going I love this light and i would highly recommend this light ..Thanks coast your customer John

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    I’m on my second Coast HP7 and as you can probably guess I’m very pleased with the product. I got some splatter on the lense of the first one and the light became too dim so I replaced it with a new one. Second one is about 4 months old and suddenly stopped working this morning. I’m thinking the led might have died. Is there a way to replace it?


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    I have one and I love it, never had one better

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    Barbara, we’re sorry to hear about the issue with your HP7. Our flashlights are backed by a lifetime warranty so please contact our Warranty Team at 1-800-426-5858 or warranty@coastportland.com and they’ll be able to assist. Thanks!

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    I have had this product less than a month, it started flickering at very inconvenient times, I changed the batteries thinking it might have set on a shelf, the second set of batteries appeared dead in 2 days of less than 15 min use, new batteries indicate the flashlight is dead, maybe the lamp is defective, it doesn’t seem to be replaceable. Extreamly poor quality for such an expensive product

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    I work for a Natural Pest Control company in the Portland area. This means I spend large amounts of time in attics basements and crawl spaces. My boss has a light from another company that cost almost 3 times the cost of my HP7 yet my HP7 lasts longer and does just as good of a job in brightly lighting areas we are inspecting and working in. I know what I am buying people for Christmas this year.

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    I have a couple different Coast Flashlights but by far my P7 yes P7 it’s an older model but looks new and performs like brand new very bright and everything works great I’m truly happy with my purchase I’m an Electrician and when your in crawl spaces under town houses etc it’s nice to be able to see everything no surprises I have the next one down and the Laser one were you have regular light and a RED laser these are far older than these here but still have the same power I’d recommend and have to many in all fields of construction great product thank you

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    Got the HP7 as a gift and was impressed. Put in the batteries and it does not work. Disappointed!

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    I absolutely love this flashlight, focused beam is great for long distances in the flood light mode is outstanding for brightly illuminating any work area.

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    I’ve had mine a short time and it works when it wants to. Purchased from Home Depot which only gives you a 90 day warranty. Hopefully the manufacturer will replace my HP7. It is bright, when it wants to work, just have to shake it a little, lol

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    Ok flashlight when it worked. Shipped it at my cost with $5.00 to cover return postage for warranty claim. Received replacement sans the battery holder. What am I supposed to do with a flashlight with no battery holder. Grrrrrr!!

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    I just dropped mine about 6 feet onto a wood floor, it stopped working (LED broke I think), and I don’t think I can replace it myself. I was surprised at how delicate this light is. The beam intensity was great when it worked, but handle gently.

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    Great product incredibly bright great for camping but there is a little problem I have with it is the fact you can not remove the lense without damaging the light to clean the inside of water got on the inside of it but that is a pet peeve that I have otherwise I love it and would recommend it to anyone that needs a small bright light.

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    Hello Coast team,I was given a HP7 as a gift about 5 yrs ago .I am a fitter/machinist by trade and was amazed by the quality.I now have a small earth working business in south west ,Western Australia & work in some pretty rough conditions.My hp7 has been worked as hard as any of my tools without fault.I lost my hp7 last Christmas & was devastated even accusing friends & family of stealing it .Cleaning out my shed last week in a box of Christmas decorations was the hp7 still on .I cannot praise this product enough it is a credit to everyone involved with it .Heath Dye -West Oz

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    Just purchased the light today at Home Depot as I need a good light for many jobs and chores. I noticed someone mentioning a lanyard. I did not get a lanyard with my light and was wondering how to acquire one specific to this light. Using it tonight and very impressed with it. Time to pitch the old 20th century torches.

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    A Monster In The Dark-
    I have had my HP7 for 7-8 months and use it ALOT each and every night. Never any problems with the solid quality output of it’s light. A burst of barely a second to the eyes is all it takes to stop short and dissorient everyone I have run across and it leaves a lasting retina burn even inside well lit areas. In the dark it always gets hands up protectivly to the eyes with just the single burst leaving me free to maneuver to cover or apply a gentle asp’ing to the legs if need be. Its beam has even stopped a charging dog DEAD in it’s tracks on more than one occasion, better than the taser or OC sprays to be sure, it’s cheaper besides, and the dogs are all the happier without a doubt. That being said I received the HP7 second hand from a friend in an unworking condition, some whitish substance streaked one one side on the inside of the battery sleve and the back of the lamp assembly plus the battery ‘carriage’ itself was covered with the stuff. A dozen or so q-tips and a healthy rinsing with wd-40 some batteries and I was in business. Since then i have dropped it almost as much as my cell phone, which is at least once a day but more like 3 or 4 times usually, it’s flew several times whilst being twirled by it’s lanyard and it never land’s on anything softer than concrete except maybe when bouncing off of a car and it still works great without any lens scratches and only a couple marks to the body that are barely noticable at all. The light I was using was marred up worse the first day it served with me, believe that. I did manage to break the slide lock ‘dork-stamping’ a fella with it… It still locks in any position as before, just without the clicking noise now, which I’ve decided to live with calling it a safety feature that enhances my tactical advantage should a beam adjustment be required. I say kudos for a great light and should it break someday, I’LL BUY ONE.

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    Short and sweet…..HP7
    Asked to try at store.
    Light worked
    Purchased same exact light
    Bought AAA
    Installed Batteries to a non functional light.
    Batteries work in anything else I try.
    I have a coast headlamp I rely on everyday that’s rechargeable and it’s never did me wrong

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    Patience- Please call into our customer service department and they’ll be able to help assist in getting your flashlight working again! They’re number is 800-426-5858

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    My son got the HP7 for me so I’d have a dependable flashlight. It’s awesome BUT put new batteries in & it won’t turn on. Noticed 3 “prongs” so do those make a connection when lined up? My son’s working out of town so could u help, please? A flashlight is a necessity for me. Thanks!

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    I have an HP7 and it has got to be the best light I have ever owned to date. It has been completely abused. I’ve used it as a hammer for small nails, gotten upset on a job and hurled it through two walls of sheetrock, and just overall treated it like crap. Its even the light I trust with my life and mount to my helmet for firefighting. I don’t believe I will ever purchase another brand of flashlight. Thank you to all of the Coast employees for designing and manufacturing what has to be the best flashlights ever produced.

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    I’ve had a Coast PX25 for five years and it has worked flawlessly. Recently I thought that I lost it so I bought the HP7. I found my PX25 and now I’m conflicted on which one to use. These are the best flashlights on the market.

  51. :

    Kai- With all of our lights being backed by a lifetime warranty, our warranty team will be able to replace your broken HP7. Please reach out to them at your earliest convenience. Thanks!

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    A really good lightweight very bright flashlight. Although I replaced the batteries in mine and now it won’t come on I think something outs wrong with the button I cleaned Every bit of corrosion off it. Anyone have any advice?

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    i dropped my coast hp7 and it doesnt want to work at all

  54. :

    i own an original p7.it has been dropped from 30ft up-run over by a tractor trailer.i still carry it every day.Over5yrsold-stillgoin

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    Great flash light, I bought the 550 that puts out 1150 lumens, I use the hp7 at work daily. I bought several of these smaller ones because they fit my flashlight holder.
    I’ve had to use flashlights daily as I work on jet aircraft. I wish they had these years ago. They have put all of my Maglite s to shame. Ever the rechargeable ones that I spent $100’s on.
    Here’s a question are you going to have one that puts out like the 550 but in the hp7 size?

  56. :

    Best fing flashlight I have ever had in my grubby lil mitts! If U don’t know well take it from your boy, spend the Damn $ & get yourself one or three Fool!

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    Great flashlight. Lightweight, compact, variable beam from spot for distance to flood for close-up work, well made, 3 levels of light available and covered by lifetime warranty. It is hard to go wrong with this flashlight for most any use.

  58. :

    $24.97 @ Home Depot! Always selling coast flashlight super cheap. Had to purchase 3 for this deal. One for me, my wife, and the house. Found the same deal a couple years back on the inspection pocket flashlights. Wish I would have purchased more

  59. :

    Hi Jason-

    All of our LED flashlights are covered by a lifetime warranty. I recommend reaching out to them by phone at 1-800-426-5858 or by email at warranty@coastportland.com. Thanks!

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    I loved the flashlight for the month it worked. Now the bulb doesn’t work and I don’t know how to replace the bulb. Expensive flashlight, can the bulb be replaced? Please help.

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    Wow! I use this flashlight daily at work. Bright enough on the darkest nights, flood light is wide enough to see everything around you, and spotlight can illuminate everything clearly at a distance. Definitely worth what I paid for.