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Not sure what type of batteries you like to use most? Then go with our HX5 Flashlight, which is compatible with not just standard alkaline AA, but with rechargeable NiMH or rechargeable Lithium 14500’s as well (NiMH & Lithium not included). With the Lithium 14500 cells, the lumen output jumps nearly three times as bright as with the alkaline battery. Also unique to the HX5 Flashlight is a two-way clip that makes it easy to clip in either direction on your pockets or even the bill of your hat. Using our Pure Beam Focusing System with Slide Focus, this light can easily transition from flood to spot modes with one hand.

With Coast’s commitment to quality, the HX5 Flashlight is impact resistant, weather resistant and its LED is virtually unbreakable. The HX5 Flashlight is backed by Coast’s lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards.

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| Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards
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    Hi Ed, we are saddened to hear that your switch is malfunctioning, however all of our products are backed by a lifetime warranty! Please contact our Warranty Department https://coastportland.com/warranty-info/ and we will take care of that problem for you. Thanks!

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    I have had my HX5 for a few years. I use it nearly every day and it is always in my pocket. My favorite feature is the two-stage power button.

    I am sad to say that the wonderful Power Switch is failing. Since the beginning, I have been able to press the button just slightly and the unit would light up silently. That part still works fine. Now the clicking on/off function has become nearly unusable. I have to push the button right in the center and it needs to be depressed much deeper than before. This is quite difficult with my fat fingers.
    Everything else is great. This is a well made (except for my power button), durable, bright torch. Mine has NO scratches or blemishes, even though it often occupies the same pocket as keys or tools! I can’t afford to replace it, and Home Depot is slowly escalating my request for an exchange, up the management ladder. Money is tight right now and this is a tool I can’t do without. Otherwise, I’d give it 5 stars.

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    Hi David, we are sorry to hear your flashlight stopped working. All of our products have a lifetime warranty so we would be happy to either fix it or replace it with a brand new one! Please contact our Warranty Department here. https://coastportland.com/warranty-info/

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    Had this light less them a year now it comes on sometimes but most of the time it wont.Was good but all of a sudden quite working , is the warranty still good , bought it at Homedepot

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    Hi Dwayne, we will gladly help you get more pocket clips. Please email us at consumer.help@coastportland.com and we will send you some extras. Thanks!

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    Love the flashlight. Where can I get pocket clips?

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    Hi Ednis, they can be found online. You’ll just need to search for AA sized Lithium 14500 cells.

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    Where can I find the rechargeable lithium batteries

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    Charles, we’re sorry about the inconsistency with your HX5. It’s a defect we want to correct for you. With our lifetime warranty, we can make this happen! Please contact our Warranty Team when you have the chance. Thanks!

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    Jason, we try to keep the warranty process as fluid and quick as possible. Please give us a call at 1-800-426-5858 so we can learn a little bit more about the issue with it. We’ll try to provide the easiest solution for you to get your HX5 up and running again! Thanks!

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    Great flashlight until is simply stopped working after less than a year. Contacted Coast and they directed me to the warrantee, which requires shipping it to them, waiting weeks, etc. Not worth the trouble. It would be nice if it just worked as it should.

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    Love the flashlight! When it works….. less than a month and the button doesn’t always work. Other than that its fantastic! Especially in ceilings that I’m in most days.

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    Havent even had this light for one month, after buying from home depot, and it has stopped working all together; even when batteries are replaced. Wore it one time on my hat while roofing at night and that was it. Nice pocket size and clip but not worth it if it just quits like this.

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    Great light. the Lithium 14500 are hard to find but can be purchased through batteries plus or amazon. I picked up a set of 4 with a charger from amazing for around $15 and they make a world of difference

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    I have carried the HX5 on my belt in a Blackhawk Small Magazine pouch for years. They are extremely tough, well engineered. I have worn out a couple of them at work doing machine inspection, on and off probably a hundred times a day. Awesome light.

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    Awesome while it worked. I dropped it once… Now it won’t light. Did not quite make a year.

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    Ed, we don’t sell those specific cells. We recommend using a reliable brand.

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    Love this light but Where do I get the Lithium 14500 cells?

  20. :

    I loved all of the HX5’s I owned, if people would stop stealing them from me I might be able to see how long they really last!

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    I am very happy with my HX5 flashlight! I accidently ran it through the wash and the dryer, it still works great. Thank you!

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    I have two of the HX5, and I like them. The are convenient and versatile. Can I get some help on sourcing correct, compatible “Li Ion 14500 3.7V 800MAH” batteries? These are prominently featured as optional batteries for the light and I would like to try them. However, identifying and sourcing batteries matching that spec is a bit challenging and confusing. Coast does not appear to sell these particular batteries on its website. Thank you.

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    This little torch packs a punch. The beam is powerful enough to break up a raccoon fight from 30 yards. 30 yards was as close as I was willing to get at 4 a.m., barefoot, sleepy, and in PJs. It took all of four seconds to disorient and drive off the psychotic little jerks hell-bent on waking up the neighborhood.

    And, yeah, this flashlight is in my pocket daily. I’ve dropped it off the roof. Smashed it with tools. Dropped it in mud. It just keeps working. Excellent value, solid craftsmanship, tough little torch. Nice job, Coast.

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    Great light! Use at work comes in handy. Perfect size just wish it included a lanyard due to its small size. 130 lumens works good although im gonna upgrade. This then will become my glove box …edc ..light.

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    Great flashlight! Can I get a replacement hat/pocket clip? I broke mine.

  26. :

    Mine is over 2 years old and works as if its new. This is after some pretty rough conditions it had to work thru, especially in wet and cold winter months. I use it every morning to do pre trip inspections and load checks, plus for odds and ends tasks throughout the night.
    I just bought a second one because I feared I lost my first, then I found it in a puddle of water beneath a pallet. It still worked after 2 nights in cold weather. Anyway, I now have two of them.

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    Bought a HX5 3 months ago, worked great the first month, then it started to act up, it would work the first time turning it on but if you had turned it off then shortly tried to turn it back on, some of the time it wouldn’t come on unless you tapped it on something. That continued for the next two months until it just quit. But I liked it so much I went out and bought another one and then seen the lifetime warranty on it so I’m hoping I can get the original one fixed. If it worked like it should I would give it a 5 star.

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    I bought hx5 flash light about 3 mounth ago, I was very impressed with it now it doesn’t work anymore I can’t figure out why, it still looks new ,is this my lose?

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    Awesome light do they make a red and green cover or tint for it

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    I love this light, I clip it to the bill of my hat and can work all day with it. Only issue is when the clip breaks (after a few months) I have to buy an entire new light. Wish they sold replacement clips.

  31. :

    I was also wondering if I can use Li-SOCI2instead of Li-ion since I already have one with me. Please send me the answer through my email asap thank you.

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    I am curious, What type of Li-Ion batteries do you recommend? I mistakenly bought Lithium batteries thinking those were the alternative batteries needed for a stronger output.

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    Great light till the connections on the board went out. Bright and nice focus, but after about 2 months the light would work intermittently. Had to shake or tap it when it would go off. Then it just quit entirely.

  34. :

    Robert, to replace the batteries, you will need to unscrew the end cap counter clockwise.

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    I have an hx5 coast and can not get it apart. A friend gave it to me. What am I doing wrong

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    I’ve had the HX5 for over a year now, I am a mechanic and its on for at least 4-8 hours a day if not more and have never had a problem with it! i use the hat clip a dozen times a day and it still functions perfectly. Great light i cant wait to buy the HP8R! Plus being made in Oregon is a HUGE plus

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    Ive only had the hx5 for maybe about 2 weeks and it no longer works, however ive had the g20 for over a year and its been outstanding. Something about the on/off buttom needs to be refined with hx5, other than that this light is great. Super bummed out it stopped working.

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    Great flashlight. The pocket clip keeps coming off and I lost it. Anyway to get a replacement?

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    This is in followup to my August 19, 2016 review submitted below.

    I have since recently bought another HX5 as a backup in case I misplace the one I use for work. I use it daily and only had a minor issue with the switch which others have mentioned. I determined that the battery had low power and would not power up the LED right away. I thought it was the switch but it turned out to be a low battery. I replaced battery and back to normal use. I still have my original HX5 for work and now have another for general home use. I plan to buy some for gifts as it is the perfect compact size and easy to operate and clip onto jean pocket for standby use. Everyone asks to borrow this light at work.

    Glad I found this handy little light !
    It exceeds my expectations and would highly recommend for everyday use.

  40. :

    Best flashlight I’ve ever owned. Love it so much I’ve bought two. One for work (automotive mechanic) and one for at home. Brighter, Lighter, more compact, more durable and longer run time than a mag lite I paid far too much for. Coast has made me a customer for life with this highly affordable and ridiculously high quality product.

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    Great little light. Use it at work every day. Always keep it on me. However, I am on my 3rd light because the clip keeps breaking. Today it was the seatbelt caught it and it just snapped without that much pressure. Where do I get clips?

  42. :

    When the click button won’t work, take the cap off, push down the white plastic retainer where the neg spring is, I get this problem every time I use a 14350 or aaa with the hx5
    hey coast I love using ur lights, but I want alkaline\14500 like the hx5 with red blue n green, a high, low, n moon would b nice too

  43. :

    This is the fifth Coast light I have purchased, 4 (HP7) & 1 (HX5), and I have to say that they are the best lights I have ever owned. They are, for the most part, very durable and will stand up to almost anything. Light output is amazing from a light this size and the 2-way clip is an ingenious addition. Thank you Coast for your fine craftsmanship and commitment to quality. You have a return customer for life.

  44. :

    I sent a review other other day, which is still awaiting approval but I am having a problem with the switch not working all the time, and I just read a review by another person who is having the same problem with the switch. Nikola, July 6 2016, talked about the size of the two batteries flat bottoms. The Duracell battery that came with the flashlight has been a problem so I put a different Duracell battery, which has a different type flat bottom, in mine and it works now. the original battery still works in other battery operated equipment but style of the original battery is not conducive to the operation of this particular flashlight. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will continue to function!! So it may not be that the switch is defective but that the battery is not the right style, we shall see how long the switch works now.

  45. :

    I just purchased this HX5 flashlight in July 2016 and I have been having the same problem as others I see sending reviews, the button to turn it on works once in a while, it click as though it will work but the light will not turn on every time. I tried changing batteries but did not help. Do I take it back to retailer for replacement since it is a lifetime warranty? The design of the switch needs to be improved otherwise this is a fantastic little light!!

  46. :

    I have carried this flashlight around in my backpack for the past 1.5 months, with occasional use. However, the light no longer works. I was able to get it to work by tapping against a wall, but this was not a repeatable solution. My conclusion: impressive light when it works, but the build quality is questionable.

  47. :

    impact resistant?

  48. :

    Working as a quality control auditor and I’m using this for everyday for checking our tank products..yesterday I accidentally dropped it for 1 meter and after that it won’t turn on anymore..but it says In the description that it is an impact resistance.

  49. :

    Ed, our lights are backed by a lifetime warranty. You’ll just need to contact at 1-800-426-5858 or warranty@coastportland.com. Thanks.

  50. :

    The button bearly works on hx5.only had it for about 4months i use it for work everyday, problem is that I threw the receipt away.manfacture problems??I also own hp7r witch works excellent ,best flashlight on the market.

  51. :

    Hello, to completely turn on the light, you need to completely decompress the button. If you’re still experiencing issues, please contact our Customer Service Team. Thanks!

  52. :

    I bought this item this morning. How may I keep the light on without have a finger press on the top button?

  53. :

    Erik, we’re glad you’re enjoying the light. The light was designed to not necessarily need a sheath with the 2-way pocket clip but if you were to purchase one, we would recommend the S20.

  54. :

    perfect light
    what sheath s10 s20?? thanks

  55. :

    I absolutely love this flashlight It’s great
    I would like it to be available with a good quality laynard though or a glow in the dark push button. Have had it come out f the pocket at night.
    But now it is not working at all its not the batteries so it must be the LED. Is it replaceable? If so how?
    I have dropped it on to concrete in the garage maybe 2 times and it’s worked always after.
    No all of a sudden it won’t work though
    How does the warranty apply? Because I would like another and or upgrade.
    Chris Weller

  56. :

    We’re sorry to hear about your issues, Ryan. Both of your lights are covered by a lifetime warranty and if you reach out to our Warranty Team, they’ll be able to replace both of them.

  57. :

    I bought this from an online retailer with the intent to use it for my work.
    (Aerospace Machining Parts Quality Inspection)
    Right out of the box it is noticeably compact and easy to use. Momentary on is the best option that I see for my benefit. I like what I see so far.

  58. :

    Same problem as Ernest. I have two HX5. Perfect size for pocket, single AA battery, nice clip, and worked great for a few months but now the push button is failing on both units.

  59. :

    Ernest, we’re sorry to hear about the issues with your HX5 LED Flashlight. Please contact our Warranty Team and they will be able to get you a replacement light. Thanks!

  60. :

    Lasted about 4 weeks and then would only work intermittently; it may come on after cycling switch 10 times or maybe not at all. Not reliable.

  61. :

    Excellent flashlight! Really brightens up a room. Love the brightness and the ability to focus or broaden pointed area. Would give it 5 Stars, but it only lasted me a month and all-of-a-sudden stopped working. I changed the batterie and still no response. Pretty disappointed now, because, I was very pleased with this flashlight and its value until it stopped working..

  62. :

    I use this in my line of work as a Bagger / Utility Clerk at a grocery store as I need a powerful light with me sometimes for my job duties (hunting around dim areas of the lot for carts at night, cleaning spills sometimes outside w/ glass, under shelving / racking, whatever else I may run into, etc.)

    Bulls-Eye mode comes in very handy when doing any close up detail / deep cleaning work (especially when someone spilled orange soda onto the exit wall by our fire annunciator panel one shift. Was able to pick out where it was still visible to my light, even though it wasn’t under the overhead lights. Came in great and was able to really make that wall shine n clean.)

    I’ve had it in use now for about maybe 3 to 4 months and I still haven’t had to change the included battery yet. It just keeps on going, strong and bright as ever. Considering I also own a Coast P4 Penlight, which I also carry with me on shift and as my primary EDC light / Tactical Self Defense tool (P4’s body is an amazingly strong blunt object that can be used for striking or impact, and if it slaps you in the right place on bone or tissue, you will feel it and it will hurt), I’m starting to really enjoy the Coast brand.

    Overall, extremely satisfied customer and am getting ready to purchase more from the Coast Family.

  63. :

    Excellent flashlight to be so compact. I use my HX5 multiple times a day while at work. For the price & quality, this light would be hard to match. I strongly recommend this product, to anyone wanting a quality, compact, & lightweight flashlight.

  64. :

    I’m a new user of this light and so far it proved very handy in size and shape, loving that clip, too. It’s ability to run on almost any battery you can fit in it is also a great bonus. It comes with an alkaline battery and it had run more like 5 hours on it and the amount of light was still decent. I have a complaint about that included battery though and I hope this will help others avoid my frustration. It’s a Duracell battery and its negative terminal is not flat like most other brands, it has like a hump as wide as about 4/5th of the whole battery diameter. It’s probably fine for other appliances but the tailcup spring seems to slide off and the light won’t come on unless shaken really hard; even that does not always help. By the time I realized this issue the battery was only down to 1.1 volt. I replaced it with a fresh Eveready alkaline battery with a flat negative side and the light was again perfectly functional. I almost thought the switch was broken. Hope I won’t have any more issues with it.

  65. :

    Like another reviewer, I took a risk and inserted 2x CR2 lithium Energizers, and like him I found (no it did not burn out instantly, or overheat) the light output enormous (more like 500-600lm, not 1200, though), testing it for up to 5 seconds at a time. I don’t think I’ll use CR2’s in my HX5 often, or for long. The higher voltage must shorten the life of the light, maybe 90% (but the Q5 emitter is rated at 50K, so for a light I’d use only about a minute at a time, with 3′-5′ cool-down periods between, 5K hours is still a lot). Still, intriguing that so many single-cell lights tolerate/benefit from double or more the standard 1.2-1.8 VDC of disposable batteries. Oh, the CR2’s don’t fit exactly, so the end-cap cannot be screwed down completely. I’ll just go get some 14500’s and be happy (and less worried about failure) with 345lm. This is an excellent small pocket light, especially for a street price less than $25. Nitecore, Fenix, Mag, Surefire, Olight, none have anything comparable in this price range. I have several dozen late-model HO LED lights by all the above and others, and 100 or more white-LED lights from the 2000’s in many, many form-factors. This is one of my favorites yet. Really hits the sweet-spot between size-output-price. Get it and be happy (though a low setting would be nice to have some runtime, and not blind yourself working up close, when using 14500’s).

  66. :

    Purchased this item 22 Dec. and its been a great light with the focusing optics and the clip-on is a plus. The size is perfect for shinning light in tight areas and the double sided clip secures easily on my belt for a hand free lighting. Downside: the light goes out and I replaced the battery several times and the same action happens. The light comes on and push the end button to off and then will not come on again. Replaced the batter again and again with the same action happening every time. Hopefully the company can provide a solution because the item provides great lighting and the single battery refill is perfect. Please email Coast. thank you Scott

  67. :

    really good little light. bright, good run time, focus feature is nice. My only complaint is the clip – mine came off repeatedly while carrying in pocket and now is lost after having the light only 1 1/2 months – maybe it was defective or something – too bad – could have been 5 stars. That said, I’d still buy it again.

  68. :

    Great little light. This is the 3rd Coast flashlight I own and all of them are great. I like this compact form factor, it is a perfect pocket light but still has an adjustable focus. Very high light output from a single AA with a decent run time.

  69. :

    Best light i own hands down! Built very tough it can take a beating and still light my future! I put some lithium cr2 batteries in it and it jumped from 130 to i dunno 1200 luminous….? Could someone from the company tell me how many its actually pushing out with these batteries in it. Over all best light u can buy

  70. :

    Ive had this flashlight for a few months now and i absolutely love it! Very well built and solid it can take a beating for sure. I just to see what happened put the lithium cr2 batteries in it and it jump up to q

  71. :

    I deal with confined space in my line of work. Whether going vaults or climbing down in sewer or storm manholes. I always had a led mag light and thought it was bright. Until a coworker let me borrow his coast flashlight when my mag light went dead. I was so surprised how the coast flashlight illuminated the storm vault I was in. After that I went out and bought two hx5 flashlight and one other coast flashlight . I will never buy another mag flashlight again. Keep up the great job !!!!!!

  72. :

    I simply love this flash lot. For the price I have not found a better flight. Right now I’m just using the standard alkaline batteries but I plan on getting the lithium ion rechargeables. Cannot say enough good things About this company. The floodlight is outstanding and produces a solid circle with no dark spots

  73. :

    Simply love this tiny flashlight. It clips to my shirt and hat securely and very light weight. The beams are precise and even without dark spots or circles, not to mention well built.

  74. :

    Just got my hx5… My name is coast so it’s even got my name on it… But quality is unmatched… Plan on getting a Li-ion for it… Unless the coast company wants to send me one lol…jk