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Utilizing our Bulls-Eye Spot Beam, the PX25 Flashlight throws a spot beam far downrange while having a transition halo that produces an outer ring of flood light which allows for a broader area of side vision.

With Coast’s commitment to quality, the PX25 Flashlight is impact resistant, weather resistant and its LED is virtually unbreakable. The PX25 Flashlight is backed by Coast’s lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards.

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| Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards
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    We apologize for the issue with your PX25. It certainly shouldn’t be emitting light when it’s turned off. Please contact our Warranty Team so they can assist in getting this fixed. Thanks!

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    I have the PX-26, which looks like it was replaced by this model, and I’ve had the exact same issues as Robbie. I only used it a few times, and it worked great. Then I left it in a drawer for a while, took it camping and couldn’t get it to work or open it to change the batteries. When I got home I managed to open it with pliers and the inside was super corroded. I cleaned it thoroughly and replaced the batteries, and now it works again but also emits a tiny tiny beam of light when it’s off, which I’m guessing is going to drain the batteries pretty quickly.

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    decent light as far as construction, but we also seem to have the galvanic corrosion problem mentioned in a few other reviews. the aluminium seems to be allowing some wort of leakache current and slowly deteriorating when charged batteries are inside. Found it this time stuck together and had to break out some vice grips to get it apart. very corroded and now when new batteries are installed there is a slight glow to the light in the off position. Hope you all figure out the design issues with this light. love the weather sealing, easy operation and all in all high quality construction. Just some electrical design flaw is all.

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    Excellent led light, use it for automotive use daily. I bought from Marco tools well over 10 years ago and highly recommend. This light is highly weather resistant and very durable. Been run over many times and keeps the shape. I love my light.

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    I’ve had this flashlight for a few years, automotive work daily: great little spot light. Works well at the house for shining across the yard when there are weird noises, too. I have had zero problems, am impressed with the durability, and feel that it has been a smart purchase. I am buying another one as a gift.

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    Ive owned one of these for a few years now and it is still going strong without any issues. I use it for a variety of things including hunting small game – mounted on rifle scope and its absolutely very reliable.

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    I use this flashlight for patroling and inspection, it works great. I really appreciate that of the two or three hundred times a shift I click the button, never does it do anything funny. I really appreciate that the length is fixed; I’m not against zoom but any zoom that causes a piece to move lengthwise is totally unacceptable in my eyes. I really appreciate that it’s very bright, but doesn’t blind me when I turn it on in a pitch black room.

    If only it didn’t have this stupid proprietary battery caddy, with no rechargable replacable available. I would pay for the lithium! I’d rather just use an 18650 like most flashlights of this size and style allow, but this is the only device in my life for which I purchase alkaline batteries.

    I would give this rating thirty seven stars if there was any way for me to put a lithium battery in this exact flashlight, short of building a holder myself.

    Until then, four stars.

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    The case needs to be made much better I have overcome this problem by purchasing a folding knife case made of leather for a 5 inch knife this last about 3 yrs of daily hard use

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    Great product! Use mine daily for work. Recently started flickering after two years but works like a champ after cleaning the internal contacts with a pencil eraser! Old trick we use in the marine electronics trade.

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    Not Bad light, Pity Coast does not include the Sheath and a lanyard.
    Bit cheap of them.

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    I bought my Coast PX-25 from Home Depot little over 2 years ago. It works great. I use to commute to work on my bike. In complete darkness it is great. Not as good when I’m riding down the street with the street lights on. I still like the light because it works for me!

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    I must say I was quite disappointed. It started out great; but after about 2 months, the flickering started. I would change batteries and it would be great for a while and then the flickering or I would have to rotate the battery cover to get it to work. I thought I had bought a dud, but I was so impressed with when it worked I bought another one. Guess what? Same issue all over again. very disappointed. Would be an excellent addition to my tool kit if it was more reliable.
    Also if you can add a magnet and/or a kickstand… that would be awesome

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    I have had this light for some time now, and I have to say it has been exceptional in its performance. Simple on/off one-handed operation is key for me. I have had the same problem with the flickering, but it has only happened to me when I do not stay on top of battery replacement. Drop new batteries, no more flicker! As for holsters, c’mon guys! I made my own.

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    Best flashlight I have ever had. I’ve had this one for almost 5 years and have dropped it numerous times. It’s so scratched up you can barely see it was once black.
    I like it because of the strong beam and it is a simple on/off light. I refuse to use a high/low SOS light. Total waste for me. I want it on and then off. I’m working with it, not playing games. It’s getting harder and harder to find a simple on/off light to work with. My job depends on me getting the work done fast not playing with switches to turn it on and off. I have several Coast lights. They are the only ones I buy anymore or should I say used to buy. They never fail me.

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    I really think everyone should own one of these. Small but effective. It has absolutely never let me down through all the crappy conditions you could imagine.

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    As you can see by these reviews and those on “Amazon” these lights suffer from “flickering/unreliable” function. At my workplace many of us use the PX25 and we have discovered the problem is caused by some type of galvanic corrosion on the electrical contact surfaces. It appears that some contact points are dissimilar metals with a thin isolating plating that quickly wears away with regular use. As a stop gap measure we have remedied the issue by regular cleaning of all metal to metal contact surfaces but a change in materials or design is needed to effect a permanent fix. Otherwise our company of 500+ will have to switch to a different brand. For us it’s a 5 star rating when they work and of course a 0 star rating when they don’t. Average score then is 3 stars.

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    Steve- We appreciate your feedback. When you purchased the flashlight, was it advertised at 285 lumens? Thank you.

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    Use the flashlight daily. Was lucky enough to purchase one with sheath included,. Sheath gets a 1 star. Its less than a year old and the side ripped out completely dropping the flashlight. Until I get a new sheath, I am unable to carry it at work.

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    Love the light, hate the battery cartridge. Develops voltage leak so does not completely turn off (after glow) and then stops working later on. Would like to buy replacement cartridges. On 3rd light with this problem. Would like to buy 3 or 4 cartridges, otherwise, adios.

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    Purchased this light at Home Depot about a year ago, but forgot what I paid for it. I own AT LEAST 10 COAST lights (as well as more than a Dozen of other brands), and have not had any disappointments..! HOWEVER…

    This PX25 Does Not deliver, as advertised (and I have plenty of others to compare with).., in that I’ve seen this light sold at 275 Lumens (which is the one I purchased), 208 Lumens, and 181 Lumens.., so that being said, coupled with the performance of MY version.., I wonder if I received an ‘older’ model! Here’s my detailed take;
    1) My “Bulls-Eye” spot spreads to about 4 feet at a 15 foot distance…
    2) There is NO WAY I found this light useful (to ANY degree) at an advertised range of 416 feet…
    3) 275 Lumens..? Not in THIS Lifetime..!
    (With all things equal – New Batts in both, etc., and compared to the HP7, I found the PX25 to be EQUAL in Bulls-Eye Beam Intensity to the LOWEST SETTING (at tightest beam adjustment) of the HP7… AT ITS LOWEST SETTING (advertised to be 50 Lumens at 75 Meters)..!!!
    NO extras (except for batteries).

    To be Fair.., With ALL the COAST Lights I own.., I’ve had NO MALFUNCTIONS, GREAT PERFORMANCE (and outputs as advertised), and have had a good relationship with Customer Service!

    (But this PX25.., IS THE EXCEPTION..!)

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    The PX25 has been a great light for me! Used every day at both at work and at home, the PX25 has continue to impress me. Coupled with a NEBO – #5089 CSI Flashlight Holster – it has worked flawlessly for over a year now. It has been dropped everyday, once from ceiling height, used to prop up equipment, lost twice and is borrowed the most. Clean dirty contacts and add fresh batteries solves any flickering issues I have. Sturdy light, great size, and has never given me any problems, the PX25 is one of the best tools I own.

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    Bought a PX25 couple years ago. I was satisfied with the Lumens and the battery life. Then it start flickering. When I’ve decided to do something about it (since it became useless). I contacted Coast warranty department.
    Good service, I’ve sent the old one with the pouch (since it was worn) and they sent me a new flashlight…with the old pouch. Nevertheless, I was still satisfied until its started flickering again in less than a month after the reception of the new one.
    I will give a last try with the Coast flashlight by contacting the warranty department and it’s start flickering again with the new one, I’ll change brand.
    Sorry but when I buy a product, I need them to be reliable rather than have a lifetime warranty.

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    Great light, bright enough to light my path, feels very robust. A little problem, though. It stopped working. I have owned it for a little more than a year. been using it as my EDC and one day it stopped working, changed out the batteries and… nothing. put in other batteries, still nothing. I know they have a lifetime warranty, that I have to pay to ship it to Coast and pay for them to ship it back, but a great warranty does not make a great product. I also own 2 Coast G10’s with the exact same problem.

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    They have a lifetime warranty, please https://coastportland.com/warranty-info/
    we will be happy to get them going for you 🙂

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    I have owned 4 or 5 of these lights and use them for work. Unfortunately the last two that I have bought have the same flickering problem as described by others. Very disappointed with them, it seems like the quality, and reliability has declined in the last couple years. It’s a great design and when it works it’s a great compact, and powerful light.

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    Simply the best utility flashlight I have ever owned. I have a horse farm, and this light is on my hip and used multiple times every day. For the person with the holster issue, I had an issue where I ripped the belt strap from the holster. I called Coast Customer Service, and they sent me TWO holsters free of charge. They truly live up to their Lifetime Warranty claim. You can’t go wrong with this flashlight. Worth Every Penny!!

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    I am an auto service technician and need a good flashlight to do my job. About a year ago I found the Coast PX25 at a local Ace Hardware store and was impressed enough to buy it. I absolutely loved it and used it constantly during my workday. It’s compact, bright, and has a no nonsense one-click-on/one-click-off switch. Unfortunatley the holster velcro flap stopped “sticking” after a few months of use. When the flap stopped sticking completely it became a nuisance and I cut it off. Naturally I soon lost the flashlight in a customer’s car.
    I went back to Ace and bought an identical replacement PX25, again with the holster. That flashlight is now over 6 months old and the holster flap won’t stay closed. I went back to Ace again to buy a 3rd PX25 just for the holster but the current model no longer includes a holster. This is a big disappointment for me. I wish Coast would offer replacement holsters or, even better, replacement holsters with a more durable flap closure system. This is a great flashlight but the holster needs improvements.

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    Great flashlight! Purchased approximately 4 months ago, dropped it last night, dead! Printed the return paper to ship back for a replacement . If you want a holster look on Amazon. Nite Ize LHS-03 Clip-On Flashlight Holster with Stretch Capability and 8-Position Rotating Clip
    Works well with this flashlight.

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    Bob’s review is bang on. This is an amazing flashlight but finding a high quality belt holder for it is rather difficult. Ive purchased a px20 flashlight (only because it came with a holder) but it is too small and falls apart quickly. This is a product I use daily as a service technician and would like to see Coast come up with a solution to this problem.

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    Good light, been carrying one everyday for a year. I bought a second one for backup. My problem is with pouch supplied with the lights, mine haven’t fallen apart as another viewer reported, but do not stay closed after a few weeks of use. This is a deal breaker for me; my very nice flashlight does me no good when it falls from its pouch, and sinks to the bottom of the lake, as I’m trying to find my car keys, and get home before the blizzard hits. It is also irksome that replacement pouches, given their flimsy nature, are not offered anywhere on this page. C’mon guys, I’m trying to like yer stuff, but need you to realize that retention is critical in an edc light.

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    Hi, I bought the 90 lumen version of this flashlight about 5 years ago. I was so impressed with its small size,battery liferun time, durability, and power , that I purchased one for my car also. Todate, the first one I bought is still kicking but almost everyday, I am an exterminator and use this light everyday for my work. It never fails me. My company bought us each Stinger rechargeable LED flashlights and yes they are very bright, but it runs out of power fast. Not my Coast. I wear out carry cases faster than the light ever will. Now, I want the newer version, but, my light is 100% perfect and so Why replace it. Thankyou for an awesome Flashlight. Chris Bennett/Wilm DE

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    We’re sorry to hear about the issue with your PX25. All of our Coast LED Flashlights come with a life time warranty and we recommend getting in touch with our warranty team to see if they can help resolve your issue. Thanks!

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    I bought a PX25 about 9 months ago. Super light! I liked it so well I bought a couple more for gifts. Now the one I have flickers and often does not work at all without fooling with it. I’m dissapointed since it seems no better than much cheaper lights. Any suggestions as to what might be the problem? Is there a fix?

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    I use this light in bright food processing plants in the role of Industrial Sanitation inspections. the spot-beam is perfect for my needs and the wider halo is a bonus if used in the dark. The body is rugged, it has worked well for 2 years even though I have abused it – It is wet nightly and dropped weekly. I recommend the Coast PX25 to anyone who uses beams for work. The single button single beam is fast and consistent and offers a ‘depress to illuminate’ as well as a positive feel ‘click on click off’.

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    While the issue described is uncommon, we completely understand your frustration. We highly recommend contacting our warranty team at 1-800-426-5858 or warranty@coastportland.com as our life time warranty will allow them to send you a new one. Thanks!

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    I bought this light to replace a Lensor V2 that a lost. It’s nearly identical to the V2, compact and very bright. However I’ve only had it about a year and it’s started flickering so bad I’m going to have to replace it. It has become very unreliable. I’ve read reviews from others who complain of the same problem. I agree with another reviewer here that the pouch that comes with it is not very durable.

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    It is a good light, it can fully illuminate a dark ally at night for patrolling, but you have to keep up with the batteries, use rechargeables of course for convenience. The only problem is carry, the pouch provided with the unit only lasts about a year on daily carry before the material begins to seriously fray apart, which could be deadly if you reach for it and find an empty pouch with a hole in it. I haven’t found a replaceable pouch that is tough long lasting and as slim as the one provided. You can find an oversized carry pouch with a belt hook, but not one that is less than bulky. I have two of these lights, so I can interchange in a tight spot without having to change batteries right away. Coast needs to provide a serviceable pouch that matches the quality of their product, but other than that, it’s a good “torch” for basic service.