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Using our Blade Assist Technology, the RX350 Knife is incredibly fast and easy to open and get to work. It combines a liner lock with our Max Lock System to make sure you can comfortably use your knife without it accidentally closing and also be sure it won’t open in your pocket. It has a textured fiberglass filled nylon handle with inserts to quickly move the pocket clip between 3 different locations for your carry preference.

With Coast’s commitment to quality, the RX350 Knife is backed by Coast’s lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

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| Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards
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    Really really love this knife! Assisted opening works like butter and the blade has held up very well. Just an overall great design at a great price. I would add some lock tite to the clip though since mine is gone now.Keep up the good work Coast, glad to have such a cool Portland company around!

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    I think this knife is a lot safer than some other knifes.

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    My buddy and I reviewed this knife and it held up surprisingly well. One of the screws is coming loose but some loctite should fix that. check out our review here if you want to see it take a beating!

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    Coast thank you. I am a left hander and it is extremely hard to find a quality knife. this is by far the best including the other knives displayed on this site. They all seem to be true ambidextrous knives. Thanks for making a great knife and helping the lefty find a knife that fits/works/ and just works. Thumbs up !!! I hope more people here of your knives especially lefties YOU will get a following.

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    Talk about a smooth opening knife that is as rugged as it looks, that is what your getting with this knife! If you notice that a lot of companies are going to the assisted opening knifes and they are nice to have but if you ever look inside of other brands you will see a little torsion bar that has constant pressure on It at all times, we are talking about a little piece of spring steel that is from my standpoint got no choice but to break sometime and they have I have one right now as proof lol!! Not that it can’t be removed and used anyways but that takes effort and time!! If your life is depending on that second and that is when it decides to snap well let’s just say it would be bad timing and now you would have a $129.00 knife that is useless at that moment!! When I look at the COAST assisted opening knife I see great and simple engineering that WORKS!!! If you don’t believe me just go outside and look under the rear of your truck and you will see a leaf spring, that is what holds all the weight of the truck plus whatever you decide to carry in the bed of it!!! That simple leaf spring design has been around forever because it is the best and it works and also ask yourself how many leaf springs have you ever changed out on your truck in its entire lifetime?? More then likely none and they still back there working!!! The assisted spring on the COAST spring assisted knifes work in that same matter and will be working long after every other design has failed, I would be willing to bet money on that!! Thanks COAST for keeping the great products rolling out and keeping them where the average broke American like myself can afford to have a tool that will last us years to come!!! Great,great,design!!!!

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    I don’t know if this and the rx352 are the same but this is one hell of a knife.