Team USX Is Ready to Conquer Mount Everest
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Team USX came together under a common goal- to raise awareness about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and provide funds for mental health initiatives in order to improve veterans’ quality of life. To work towards accomplishing this goal, they wanted to do something monumental so they formed a team to conquer the climb of Mount Everest. The team, which is comprised of two active duty Army members and a wounded veteran, has already climbed Mount Rainier a few months ago. While not quiet the scale of Everest, this climb taught them valuable lessons and helped prepare them for the ultimate task of reaching the summit of Everest. This climb also helped them get familiarized with their gear, which included a few Coast products. This isn’t any coincidence either, when approached to help them out with the expedition, we jumped at this opportunity. We firmly believe in their cause and we’re proud of their commitment to making this journey. We’re also extremely confident that our products will be valuable during their climb.

If you missed this segment from The Weather Channel on Team USX, make sure to check it out. In the segment, right around the two minute mark, you’ll notice Lt. Earls briefly mention his Coast headlamp when discussing his gear. We knew that a good headlamp would be extremely important for their climb for many reasons. The biggest benefit is reliable, hands free lighting. We built our products with safety at the top of our mind and having consistent light on a steep mountain slope is very imperative. Opposed to giving them flashlights as their main light source, headlamps are perfect because it keeps both hands free to do whatever tasks are needed. Lt. Earls specifically has a HL27 strapped to his helmet. The Pure Beam Focusing Optic that the headlamp is equipped allows him to use the flood beam for up close work then switch to spot beam if he needs further up the mountain.

Along with the headlamps, they’ll be bringing along other Coast gear such as flashlights and lanterns to illuminate their climb. Their journey is closing in on a month away with the goal of reaching the top by Memorial Day weekend. As they move closer to their climb, make sure to visit their website and donate to their cause. Since they’ve exceeded their expenses for the trip, all donations will go towards two non-profit organizations that work directly with veterans- Give an Hour and Stop Soldier Suicide. Oh did we mention they’ve been posting awesome photos of their travels? Head over to their Facebook and Twitter pages for updates as they move closer to Everest. Team Coast is beyond excited to follow along Team USX’s journey and we’re more than happy to be supporting their lifestyles.

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