The FL75R Adds Rechargeable Tech to Our FL Design
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With the Outdoor Retailer Show right around the corner, we will be showcasing product – new and old. Of the new(ish) products we are bringing to the show, we will have an abundance of our FL headlamps and the HL8R LED Headlamp. But when it comes to never before seen products, we could not be more excited to debut the FL75R rechargeable LED headlamp. With the recent positive reception to our front loaders, we knew we had to add a rechargeable option to the line. In the context of outdoor activities, this headlamp is perfect for a simple camping trip or exploring caves. Outside of outdoor adventures, this headlamp is built for any related work environment and built to withstand any rugged use.


The FL75R features the Flex Charge Dual Power Rechargeable System. The Flex Charge System allows for the recharging of the custom lithium battery pack inside or outside of the light using a micro-USB. Once the battery pack is recharged, the micro-USB insert is protected by the Pro-Tek Charging Port. This feature provides the user with a protective cover to keep the insert safe from dust and debris. You may find yourself in a situation where the rechargeable battery pack is dead, and you have no way of recharging it. If so, no worries, the Dual Power feature allows for the use of both the rechargeable battery pack and standard alkaline batteries. The headlamp is essentially always ready with all of these utilities.

While the rechargeable system is great, we don’t want to overlook the fact that this headlamp packs some serious power. With a max light output of 530 lumens, the FL75R can illuminate any dark space or area with ease. The headlamp is also equipped with our patented Pure Beam Focusing Optic, enabling the user to have the option of an Ultra Flood Beam or a Bulls-Eye Spot Beam (or even anywhere in between). Finally, one of the most useful features a headlamp can have is a red light option. A red LED light helps preserve night vision and prevent night blindness that a white LED light can create. The FL75R is Dual Color and provides the user with both options, making it very versatile.

So already excited and can’t wait to get your hands on this new headlamp? Make sure to swing by our booth at the OR Show. We will be located at Booth 28045 and we will be attendance from August 3rd to 6th. If you won’t be at the show, the FL75 will be available in the next few month, right in time for the stormy seasons. Designed for any work or recreational environment, we are excited to support your lifestyle with the brand new FL7R LED Headlamp.

9 thoughts on “The FL75R Adds Rechargeable Tech to Our FL Design”

  1. In the features’ description of the FL75R is the sentence, “A red LED light helps preserve night vision and prevent night vision that a white LED light can create.”

    Did you actually mean: “… and prevent night vision LOSS that a white LED can create.”?

    I’m a very satisfied multiple Coast product user, specifically lighting. They are well made and durable products, and competitively priced. The dual colour (Canadian, eh) capability of the FL75R will benefit anyone in the marine or aviation environment.

    Thanks, and keep up the innovation, and quality product production.

    Patrick Wolfe-Milner
    154 Jenkins Rd, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K2M9

  2. Just got one for work and love it! One question though….when or where can I get an extra rechargeable battery for this model?

  3. Can this unit recharge regular nimh rechargeable aaa’ s since the battery pack seems out of stock for these headlamps? Seems like the question was avoided.

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