The Trick-or-Treat Flashlight: A Halloween Necessity
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While the goal of kids during Halloween is to get as much candy as possible, it’s fair to say that the goal of parents is to keep their kids as safe as possible. As groups of children zigzag from house to house gathering candy, they are vulnerable to the risks of traveling by foot at night. And, while costumes continue to get more creative, they aren’t necessarily made with light reflection in mind. Taking into account all of those factors (plus the general craziness of kids on Halloween), a trick-or-treat flashlight is the perfect companion on the quest for candy.

Many view a trick-or-treat flashlight as a flashlight that falls in line with the theme of Halloween. While it’s fun to have a flashlight shaped like a pumpkin or a witch, such items, with their often low lumen outputs, aren’t really designed for safety. We at Coast define the ideal trick-or-treat flashlight as one that has enough power to be noticed from a distance, but that’s small enough for a kid to carry with ease. A compact LED flashlight with a key chain or a key ring hole is a perfect trick-or-treat companion. It hangs easily off of a costume belt or bag, and allows for easy access as a child moves from house to house. As for a type of beam, we would recommend electing for a flood beam as it casts a circle of light that will illuminate large areas.

Once you’re able to decide on a trick-or-treat flashlight, you might run into a problem–your child doesn’t want to bring it along. To convince them, you could consider integrating it as part of their costume. A flashlight can easily act as a laser for a super hero or a wand for a wizard.

You don’t necessarily have to restrict your safety light to just a flashlight, either. You could easily integrate an LED headlamp into a costume, or perhaps your child would prefer an LED lantern in order to be more “Halloween-y.” By emphasizing the fun, you and your child can both enjoy the extra safety factor created by Coast’s lights.

A few recommended Coast items include:

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