One commonality among all countries in the world is the enjoyment of the great outdoors. Whether it is a local park, or a backyard, all the way up a multi-day trek through a remote wilderness, people lover getting outside. Having the proper gear is a must, and one of the most important is properly lighting your campsite and hikes. Here are some of our products that can help out.


Weight is an essential factor in outdoor gear. You never want a piece of gear that should be light to be heavy, and vice versa. Our FL1R Headlamp is the perfect balance of lumen output (200) and super-lightweight (1.1 ounces) as well as boasting durable and weather proof construction.

This rechargeable headlamp is perfect for long-distance hikes, around the campsite or even for a project that goes into the night. It also features a red-light option, and comes with a clip for even more hands free options. 


When more light is needed around the campsite, look no further than our EAL13 Lantern, our most versatile yet. It's dual-carabiner and removable globe design make it great for illuminating your patio, tent, or campsite, and it's magnetic base adds to it's versatility. It's red light (with flashing mode) also makes it a good emergency light for late night vehicle trouble. 



Our F1400 Utility Machete is a must for the camper who likes to go way out into the woods. Perfect for clearing brush, sawing down fire wood, or clearing your campsite, this machete can do it all. The secure sheath ensures easy and safe carrying, and the handle provides excellent finger protection for either saw or blade use.