PORTLAND, Ore. – January 4, 2024 – COAST, a world leader in LED portable lighting technology and knives, innovates again with the release of its ZITHION-X® AA and AAA lithium rechargeable batteries. COAST’s patent pending ZITHION-X® technology mimics alkaline battery voltage to provide a rechargeable solution that can replace any other battery in AA and AAA powered devices. Existing NiMH and Lithium rechargeable batteries are often not compatible with alkaline powered devices because they use a different voltage system.  

The unmatched compatibility ensures ZITHION-X® can power the widest range of everyday and high performing devices, making them a versatile choice for all users. Conventional lithium batteries deliver a constant voltage only, which deteriorates runtime performance and leads to unpredictable power drop-offs and damage. Due to this, consumers find them unreliable. ZITHION-X® solves that problem with its superior performance and cutting-edge technology.   

Tyler Peterson, fourth generation President, recalls the moment the team decided to offer batteries for consumers, “we had been designing rechargeable batteries for our lighting products for over 14 years. Then, one day we realized what a great solution this could be for a wide range of consumers in all products, not just our lights,” he explains.     

Fast-charging ZITHION-X® batteries can deliver runtimes twice to six times longer than those of standard rechargeable lithium and NiMH batteries. ZITHION-X® batteries feature a built-in safety circuit to prevent overheating and are corrosion resistant. With over 1,000 charges per battery, they quickly become more economical and sustainable than single-use batteries.    

Designed with convenience in mind, the ZITHION-X® batteries come with a built-in USB-C port, accompanied by a USB-C 4 split charging cable, simplifying the charging process. This eliminates the need for clunky charging cradles and special cords, positioning ZITHION-X® batteries as part and parcel of the modern home and workplace.  

COAST was founded in 1919 by Henry W. Brands, with his first invention, the Salmon Fillet Knife. Today, the company is still family-owned and operated, now in its fourth generation. COAST’s portable lights, knives, multi-tools, and rechargeable batteries are designed for a purpose, built with top-grade materials, and backed by a lifetime warranty. COAST aims to make people’s lives safer, easier, and more enjoyable.  

For additional information, contact our Public Relations Manager, Julie Maden, at juliemaden@coastportland.com.