PORTLAND, Ore. – October 4, 2023 – COAST, a world leader in LED lighting technology, breaks new ground with the release of its ZITHION-X® rechargeable batteries, engineered to revolutionize AA and AAA battery power. Traditional single-use alkaline batteries are extremely hard on the environment but, until now, their compatibility and convenience has been virtually impossible to match. The ZITHION-X® line completely rewrites this story—and consumers can now opt for rechargeable lithium-ion AAs and AAAs that provide a rechargeable solution while function like alkaline batteries, unlike other available rechargeable batteries.

To mimic the broad compatibility of alkaline batteries, proprietary COAST ZX Optimized Voltage™ allows ZITHION-X
® batteries to modulate their power supply up or down based on the need. Conventional lithium batteries deliver constant current only, which deteriorates runtime performance and leads to unpredictable power drop-offs. By contrast, COAST ZITHION-X® batteries adjust to real-time demand to prevent overheating and damage to the electronics they are meant to power. 

Fast-charging ZITHION-X® batteries can deliver runtimes twice to six times longer than those of standard rechargeable lithium and NiMH batteries. And with more than 1,000 charge cycles per battery, COAST’s new offering redefines top-quality, long-running portable power in terms of total lifetime value. 

At the design level, one of the most significant breakthroughs of these forward-looking batteries is their integrated USB-C port. The integrated port makes recharging as easy as possible by way of the four-way USB-C cable included with the purchase of ZITHION-X® batteries. This eliminates the need for clunky charging cradles and special cords, positioning ZITHION-X® batteries as part and parcel of the modern home and workplace.

Truly unprecedented, ZITHION-X® batteries reaffirm the pioneering mentality COAST has been known for since its founding in 1919 by Henry W. Brands. In its total commitment to quality, COAST stands by its ZITHION-X® batteries with the promise of stellar performance and an enduring pledge to provide consumers better, safer products for work, life, and recreation. 

COAST was founded in 1919 by Henry W. Brands, a clear-eyed inventor who saw how improved knife designs could make workers’ lives easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Today, the company is still family-owned and operated, now in its fourth generation, and the core mission remains the same. That’s why professionals in the world’s toughest lines of work rely on COAST lights, knives, multi-tools, and safety gear to excel on the job—and then to make the most of the weekend. COAST products are designed for a purpose, built with top-grade materials, and backed by a lifetime warranty. 

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