PORTLAND, Ore. – November 17, 2022 – COAST delivers on its mission to make people’s lives easier, safer, and more enjoyable with a new knife that showcases the essence of multipurpose—the SHIFT™. Outfitted with a COAST-patented blade exchange system, this do-it-all knife comes packaged with three different interchangeable blade styles suited to distinct cutting jobs.

For general purpose cutting and skinning, the drop point blade allows for long strokes and an extended cutting radius around the tip. Out on the hunt, where packing light is essential for covering ground with less effort, the gut hook completes the versatility of the SHIFT™—making it possible to field dress an animal with a single knife. Unique in this category, the SHIFT™ also accepts a razor-style utility blade for the most abrasive cuts. Once the razor blade dulls or breaks, the disposable blade releases easily to be swapped out or turned end for end.

Each blade style mounts and releases easily and securely when the user presses the button and slides it down—a breakthrough in confident operation for exchange systems. Built from an ultra-rugged composite, the knife’s handle has a textured insert—styled in red or grey—that remains grippy when wet, an essential for hunters. A deep-carry pocket clip, liner lock, and the COAST-patented Double Lock system ensure easy operation and safety on the go. And thumb studs on both sides of the blade make for fast one-handed opening for righties and lefties alike.

Packing one more innovation into the product, COAST developed a specialized sheath with a blade holder—which secures extra blades during movement while also ensuring they’re always available and easy to access.

COAST developed the SHIFT™ in keeping with a growing trend among knife enthusiasts to opt for blade exchange systems on high-use knives. Additional blades are available at coastportland.com, where the company will also announce new blade style releases that further expand the versatility of this multipurpose knife.

COAST was founded in 1919 by Henry W. Brands, a clear-eyed inventor who saw how improved knife designs could make workers’ lives easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Now in its fourth generation, the company is still family-owned and operated, and the core mission remains the same. That’s why professionals in the world’s toughest lines of work rely on COAST lights, knives, multi-tools, and safety gear to excel on the job. COAST products are designed for a purpose, built with top-grade materials, and backed by a legendary lifetime warranty.

Pricing and availability

The new COAST SHIFT™ blade exchange knife is available now on Amazon.com and CoastPortland.com for $39.99 in Gray and Red. Blade replacements will be available March 15, 2023 on CoastPortland.com.

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