Outdoor Retailer 2017: What’s New from Coast?
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Outdoor Retailer starts tomorrow, and we could not be more excited to show off what’s new to Coast! Beginning July, 26th through July, 29th, we will be demoing gear at booth #28045. Before diving into all of the gear, we wanted to mention that we will be having a happy hour for the first three days of the show. Swing by the booth at 4:30 pm to enjoy a cold beverage with the Coast Team. Proceeds from the happy hour will be donated to the Forest Park Conservancy. While you sip your cold beverage, here’s what you can check out at the Outdoor Retailer this year.

Polysteel 600R Rechargeable Pure Beam Focusing LED Flashlight

Outdoor Retailer attendees will love this light. From waterproof capabilities to a battery that can recharge your USB devices, the PS600R has it all. We took everything our fans loved about the Polysteel line and gave it a rechargeable upgrade. When we say this new light has everything the regular Polysteels have, we mean everything. The light is still waterproof, drop proof, and crush proof. It also still has the immensely useful Pure Beam Focusing optic, an optic that gives users a diverse option of lights. Now, what’s new? It has our Dual Power feature that is ideal for camping or hiking situations. Those who find themselves away from a power source for an extended period will also love the USB outport – a female USB insert that allows for the recharging of external devices. While at the Outdoor Retailer, swing by our booth and check out this light in action and even in a tank of water.

PX1R Rechargeable Pure Beam Focusing LED Flashlight

Outdoor Retailer attendees will be some of the first to get to test out the PX1R light. Similar to the PS600R, we gave another one of our models, the PX1, a rechargeable upgrade. It features our Flex Charge Dual Power system. This allows for outdoor enthusiasts to head out with confidence that they’re light will have two adequate power sources. This light also has 460 of Pure Beam Focusing light output. The high lumens coupled with the small size make it great dimly lit trails or camping in isolated areas where light gear is needed. Add in a clip and this light can be easily secured to a pocket or a bag.

FX200 Frame Lock Folder

Outdoor Retailer attendees will be shocked at the small yet sturdy frame of the FX200 knife. This knife is a great campsite tool as it not only has a stainless steel blade but also includes a bottle opener and a money clip. Despite all of these features, this knife is small enough to fit into very small pockets and relatively light to carry in the outdoors. Tested to perfection, the bottle opener will open standard caps with easy while the money clip can hold a significant bulk. All and all, this is a must have around any campsite.

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  1. Bought FL72 2-PK from Costco, which I would like to register; I also sent HL27 LED Headlamp for repair.
    I love my Coast Portland Inc Headlamp

    John Castillo

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