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The HP7R Flashlight is the ultimate light for any law enforcement official or serious professional by combining our Long Range Optic System with Slide Focus and a lightweight aluminum body. With our Flex Charge Dual Power system, this light harnesses either lithium or alkaline power and using a micro USB. A USB insert on the battery and tail cap allows for the recharging of the batteries either in or out of the light. With high, strobe and low modes with the slide focus, this light is immediately adaptable to a variety of situations.

With Coast’s commitment to quality, the HP7R Flashlight is impact resistant, weather resistant and its LED is virtually unbreakable. The HP7R Flashlight is backed by Coast’s lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards.

Available Color Options:
Color: Black Color: Red Color: Blue Color: Green Color: Orange

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| Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards
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    Hi Carlos, we are sorry to hear about the crack in your HP7R. Please contact our Warranty Team and we will help you get your light fixed. Thanks! https://coastportland.com/warranty-info/

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    Hi my torch has internal crack on the glass so it’s sold impact resistant . I drop my torch from my pocket so it’s not to high I think for break it. How can I resolve this with the warranty.
    Through my garage every Monday is coming snap on Franchise I wondering if he can help me with that. Hi

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    I love your hp7r.buti don’t like the way the batterie die’s-out from not in use.i can charge the batterie and in less then two weeks it is dead.i would like to know if there is a new batterie out to last longer and not die from just sitting on night stand.thank you.

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    Hi Kevin, please contact our warranty team so we can assist in getting this fixed. Our products are backed by a lifetime warranty. Thanks!

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    mine worked fine for 1 week then had to click the power button many times to get it to work then it quit working

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    Flashlight works great, but I’ve already had one of the rechargeable batteries fail to recharge after very limited use. The charging indicator light does not even come on when the battery is connected to the outlet. I’ve tried two different USB charging cables, and I’ve plugged the cables into two different USB outlets. Purchased on September 2017, so only 4 months old.

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    Love the torch I have had it about 6 MO and one of my batteries whend I go to charge it it flashes red to green off and on I don’t know what that means but other than that I love it thanks for making a great torch.

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    Just got this for Christmas one of the batteries doses not charged other then that great torch would be nice for them to send me another battery

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    Bought this light about a year ago while in Kentucky hunting. Thought I had lost it but found it in my bow case. Hit the button and the light came on but just enough to tell it worked. Could remember which battery pack I put in so I plugged it up. Green light came on and then went off. I’m assuming this is a safety control and I have the alkaline pack in. Tried to remove pack and I’m having no luck. I love the light so I need to know where I go from here. Thanks, Chris

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    Bought this light for night fishing couldn’t be happier. It performs like a champion and is versatile with the extra battery pack and the ability to use regular alkaline batteries. Thanks for another amazing product

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    Recently purchased the HP7R and had an immediate problem; the tail cap would not function (twist and slide) so as to charge battery in-situ. Emailed Coast, had immediate reply asking for my address and two days later received a replacement tail cap. Superb service and brilliant torch. Well done Coast!

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    Ed, please contact our Customer Service Team and they’ll be able to assist with this issue. Thanks!

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    Broke the belt clip when bumped into a wall how do I get another couldn’t find on website??everything is excellent about this light!

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    This light is the best you can buy,blew the other flash lights awayI! High 300 lumens is very bright ,almost lasts 8hrs plus it has strobe and low.coast toped it off with a lifetime warranty because they trust what they make! Thanks coast

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    Just bought HP7R, its an awesome product. One problem however, as the AC plugs are intended for European receptacles. Is it possible to receive North American plugs ?

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    They have sent to Mexico and has cost

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    Great light, but wish there was a leather belt case to carry it for uniform purposes.

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    Im in a lumen war with co-workers at my securuty job, so i need help. I work at an auto parts place and they sell this light. Not sure if the box is old or something, but it states it is 201 lumens and the site says 300. Which is correct for this model?

    It’s such a great torch I use it on display and at my security job and it wakes sleepers up without my touching them. Very durable and long lasting.

    Thank you!

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    A great light, not great for LEO work. The on off switch cycles between Hi low and flash. So when using it at night range you can’t get the light to just come on high, you have to cycle it yourself

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    Brian- Please contact our Warranty Team at 1-800-426-5858 or warranty@coastportland.com and they’ll be able to help troubleshoot the issue. Thanks!

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    Love the flashlight, but i have gone through two battery packs because they will not charge. Not sure why i am having an issue.

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    I had this light for about a year and a half and it is one of my favorite lights out of others I have. the flood really lights up an area and the spot really does a great job lighting objects over a 100 ft. away. however i do question its water resistance when using the focusing feature. other than that its a great light multiple power/ charging options, can change from flood to flood, and a great runtime on the outputs.

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    I have owned a number of other high quality, brand-name flashlights over the years doing sercurity work. This little light has the power of a spotlight and I love it. I must be able to see what I’m approaching before I get there, and this does the job superbly. The local Brand (I live in the Portland area) and the price are great sellers for such a stellar piece of exquipment. Thanks!

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    This is by far the best torch I have ever owned. I currently have it mounted yo my air rifle and the beam range is fantastic. I have been out in high winds and heavy rain, not to mention the countless times I have dropped it and it is a top quality product.. 5******

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    We’re sorry to hear you’re having issues with your off switch. Please contact our warranty team at 1-800-426-5858 or warranty@coastportland.com to see if we can get a replacement sent to you. Thanks!

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    The only thing with the HP 7r is the off on switch sometimes doesnt work other than that I have no problem with the products