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If you work or play in an environment that puts constant stress on your equipment, then look no further than the Polysteel line of flashlights. The Polysteel 600 Flashlight is waterproof, drop proof, and crush proof while possessing our Pure Beam Optics System with twist focus to make the light ultra durable and ready to weather any storm. With a stainless steel core and a poly outer, we put this light to the test, and it passed each one with style. Watch the videos above to see how they did…

With Coast’s commitment to quality, the Polysteel 600 Flashlight is impact resistant, waterproof and its LED is virtually unbreakable. The Polysteel 600 Flashlight is backed by Coast’s lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards.

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| Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards
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    It seems like it’s a very robust light. I would use it more often but in case of breakage or failure (which is not that uncommon according some of the reviews here) replacing or repairing mine would be hardly worth the trouble (I’m very far from the US).

    Another issue is the runtime. On full it doesn’t run that long and I don’t like the strobe effect on lower output modes. If you made a 3xD cell version that’d be fantastic.

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    Hi Eric, If your flashlight won’t turn on again, it sounds like there may be a connection or battery problem. All of our products are backed by a lifetime warranty, so if you would like to send the product in we would love to take a look at it! Please contact our Warranty Department https://coastportland.com/warranty-info/ and we will go ahead and fix that for you. Thanks!

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    Very good , durable flashlight ..but it won’t turn on again I’ve done all I know to do …

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    William, we’re sorry to hear about this issue. It’s possible there may be an issue with a part in the flashlight. Please contact our Warranty Team so we can get your light up and running again. Thanks!

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    Great flashlight, got it on sale at tractor supply! Best deal and flashlight by far! If I knew what I know i would’ve payed full price!

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    it was good till i changed the batteries after that it wouldn’t turn on again.

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    I love this flashlight, but I guess you still get what you pay for. It had great potential to be my favorite flashlight ever, and I use it as a bike light. It seems to have everything going for it, and promises to be indestructible and waterproof, but now I find myself having to send my second defective one back with $5 to the company for a warranty replacement because the lense comes loose and dust and water gets in. This happened with both of mine within a relativity short period of time. I just put up with it on the second one for several months until now the light goes off when I try to focus the beam. I don’t know if it’s worth returning it again for another one that will do the same. I wish they would fix this issue because I really like this flashlight.

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    600/710 lumens pretty rugged.impervious to vapors, dust, moisture.( I don’t immerse it ) Had no idea it can cycle lo-med-hi: not in the material included.

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    Great light! I was wondering though, is it possible to buy a battery pack and use it in this one?

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    Well I have owned different brands of Flashlights and some of the lower end coast flashlights that use AAA batteries I was not a fan, however, there are two companies I will buy for flashlights, mag lite since I am originally from Ca, however even spending 11 months in Oregon, Coast is my other brand. I used to have mini mag pro 272 lumen flashlight after mine was stolen, I looked at getting another, since I have owned Bushnell’s and bought my ps600 for $ 25 at Walmart and I almost chose another mini mag but 5 more got me 3x more flashlight and throw in rechargeable batteries and this light is my favorite. It was stolen and returned, even the person did use the lens as a mixer for his drugs, I cleaned it out and still had my Energizer rechargeable batteries in it and still working great.

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    Awesome flashlight but the twist focus isn’t working. No matter how hard you try you can not get it to move.

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    The internal diameter of the flashlight will accept C-cells. The length of the AA battery carrier is 120mm, so you would need a 20mm spacer to be able to use two rechargeable C-cells, which would give you about twice the run time of four AA cells.

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    I’ve purchased a lot of flashlights over the years. Some are good at some things, some good at others but I find the Polysteel 600 to be the best combination of the many features that can be put into a flashlight. It is powerful but importantly when the focus is fixed at spot, where I keep it all the time, it has about the prefect balance of brightness between the hot spot, beam, and the light area about the hot spot. Some flashlights have a lazar sharp hot spot but it is so bright that the light surrounding the hot spot is so dim that you eyes can’t adjust and you can only see what is illuminated in the hot spot. That is not a problem with the Polysteel 600. The illumination it puts out is just about perfect for most tasks you need it for. And it won’t fit in a small pocket but is a reasonably small size and weighs only about 12 ozs with batteries. And you can easily carry it in the large sheath Coast sells on their website. Further I like the feel of the resin surface of this flashlight. It has a somewhat textured surface that does not easily slip out of your hand and unlike aluminum does not feel ice cold in cooler weather. Having the tail end battery cover larger in diameter than the barrel makes it easy to hold onto. Being powered by only 4 double A batteries is cost saving feature also. And price is a factor in any purchase. I bought mine at Walmart for about $25. It’s Hard to beat this value in a flashlight.

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    Sorry to hear about the issue. Please navigate our website to the Contact page and then find the tab International Distributors and reach out to the appropriate distributor in your country to get the item repaired or replaced appropriately.

    Thank you


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    The polysteel 600 is a very nice flashlight. Unfortunately I am also experiencing the issue where the lense become loose. This is only 6 months of light duty. I cannot figure out how to tighten it. Dust started to go in behind the lens. Is it possible to remove the lense and clean it? Will it be waterproof again?

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    POLYSTEEL 600.. great flashlight very tough!! the only thing is i need a holster for it. i use it at work and have to keep it in my pocket, would much rather have it on my side.

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    I have only one problem with the polysteel 600, it seems every time i changed the batteries it gets weaker and weaker(and they are brand new batteries everytime). The polysteel 600 does not preform like my polysteel 400

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    Coast – best flashlights made. I’ve enjoyed my HP 550, HP 14, HP 7, HP 5, PX20, HL 44 and HL 7; they have all worked flawlessly. my polysteel 600 did until just the other day now it will not come on and I don’t know why

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    Had a few problems with my first one bought but after talking with a rep he fixed me up with a new one with out hesitation! It’s a great torch, super bright and tough as nails! Also now have a head lamp And love it to!

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    Bright, tough no nonsense with simple one button switch that works everytime! Is there a pressure switch to mount this beast on a shotgun?

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    Matthew, thanks for your concern. We will notify our Product Development Team of this issue.

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    Scott, unfortunately, it will always be set on high.

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    The batteries get very hot after a short period of use. This concerns me as potential fire hazard.

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    Is there any way to set the brightness level to always be the same when it first comes on or program it to always be set on high?

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    What size lens filter will fit the polysteel 600?

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    Arun- Please contact our warranty department as they’ll be able to help troubleshoot your issue. You can reach them at 1-800-426-5858 or warranty@coastportland.com. Thanks!

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    Hi, I purchased coast polysteel 200 but it occasionally stops working , on shaking it, it switches on , please can you let me know what is the cause and how to correct it. thanks

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    Presumably, the camera has a twist focus for a flood and a spot beam, just twisting the head of the light. I have not been able to twist anything. Please help

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    Absolutely amazing flashlight. It is seriously one of my prized possessions and favorite ‘tools’ to use. This baby has lasted me for almost 2 years before finally showing some wear. If you are on the fence about this product let me assuage you and just say flatly… It is a worthy piece of craftsmanship to own. I have dropped this flashlight in pits of Diesel/Gas/DEF, dropped from high-heights, completely submerged and consumed many, maaaany hours of use. It takes it all like a champ. Scuffs, scratches, chips, pits etc simply are impossible to create with normal use. The durability of this product exceeds expectation, and the lens focus/LED brightness is incredibly useful. Almost two years of constant abuse only to rise to the challenge. This is why it saddens me that I now have a tough choice as I have seemingly caused non field-serviceable damage and need to warranty. However, I cannot be without this central tool for any time, let alone 2-4 weeks.

    The outer lens came separated one night when fighting against a flooding basement with hydraulic cement (I lost). It now fits loosely and has water/concrete smudges on the inside of that lens. This honestly does not seem to impact performance much if at all, but I am worried about future contaminants and loss of focus. I called and left a message (Sunday 1/3/2016) asking for an alternate warranty service as I use this flashlight every single day and cannot be without it during repair. The request was simply; Would I
    1) Be able to purchase a new one, ship damaged for repair, restock and refund or:
    2) exchange, either locally or via snail-mail, damaged to be shipped upon receipt of working (even if it’s only a temporary, half-working refurbished until original is repaired).

    I would think #1 would be safest for the company, but #2 might be easiest for all parties. I’m hoping my plea will be heard. If this company supports customer service as much as they support and craft their products then I have nothing to worry about.

    ((Note: Second paragraph can be removed, or review appended with thoughts on response/CS if preferred! The 5 stars and first will remain no matter what happens.))

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    Jack- After unscrewing the end cap, the battery pack located in the tube of the flashlight should slide out. If it is stuck, you will need to call into our Warranty Team and they will be able to send you out a new one. Their contact information is 1-800-426-5858 or warranty@coastportland.com.

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    Russ- We’re sorry to hear about the issues with your Polysteel 600. Please contact our Warranty Team at 1-800-426-5858 or warranty@coastportland.com and they’ll be able to help you troubleshoot the issue. Thanks!

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    How do you get to the batteries? Hand breaking force to either end does not open it. Afraid to put it in vice and use tool. Thanks.

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    I like my flashlight, however recently it doesn’t work. I installed new batteries, I even checked them prior with my battery tester and still no light. Is there a troubleshooting page or Q&A to refer to.

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    The leans come lose in I can be using it in it just go out I don’t no how to get the leans to fighting back up what should I do or do I need to just cend it back in

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    Great flashlight, only bad thing is the battery life. Really needs a rechargeable battery pack. If it had that it would be perfect.