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Coupling the Pure Beam Optic with the ability to twist focus, the PX1 Flashlight will be your trusted sidekick for all of your daily work in a variety of distances. While in flood mode, the light casts a huge circle of light that is equally bright across without any dark spots. Then twist it into spot mode, and the light will reach far downrange with a transition halo that allows for a large viewing area surrounding the tight spot beam. Add a removable clip for easy storage, and you have the ultimate versatility.

With Coast’s commitment to quality, the PX1 Flashlight is impact resistant, weather resistant and its LED is virtually unbreakable. The PX1 Flashlight is backed by Coast’s lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards.

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| Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards
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    I’ve had this flashlight px1 for a year now. I work in a stealmill and use it every day. I seen other people commit about it starting to strobe. Mine does the same. I figured out it was the front lens piece that you screw to zoom. To fix the problem I just twits the front piece real tight. And it works fine. Other than that I love this little flashlight. It clips perfectly in my pocket. It’s the right size for my job. I have to wear so much PPE so its weight is great for me. If it ever gives up on me I will definitely buy another one.

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    I work in entertainment on a water show; I Lost this flashlight in the water 2 months ago. I found it recently, cleaned a little corrosion off and replaced the batteries; it works PERFECTLY. I CANNOT recommend this light highly enough

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    I like the flashlight, but sometimes after having it on for a few minutes it starts blinking like a strobe light. Is this a sign of low battery or device problem?

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    I love this flashlight. I just wish I could put a rechargeable battery in it.

    The low brightness isn’t much of an option anymore. It’s at full power 9 out of 10 times. Kinda disappointed.

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    Reliable Light, love the design, excellent quality, very bright and very useable light spread both in flood and bullseye. Coast if you made a version which used 3 AA, made it a little bigger in diameter, more lumens, and little longer run time in high output, I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Excellent light as it is for everyday carry.

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    Adam, we appreciate the thoughtful review. Some of the details noted above are certainly uncommon and with our Lifetime Warranty, we’d love to help fix them for you. We will have our team reach out via email.

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    Excellent flashlight, BUT a now loses 2 stars ! I have been using the PX1 since July 2016 that I bought from HomeDepot no problems at all. I decided to buy a Second PX1 that was on Sale at Canadian tire weeks ago, and noticed that there are some differences. Same Excellent Design and Materials, BUT now Assembly Is Questionable:
    1) battery carrier has a crooked spring and contact movement inside top of carrier under red cap assembly, will not spring flat up and down to contact inside of flashlight, will only spring crooked, causing light to flicker if not inserted exactly inline with inside contact of flashlight.
    2) Twist focus threads not lubed, threads squeak when adjusting light from flood to bulls eye and vice versa.
    3) LED light has always been a Natural White on PX1 models, BUT this one now has a very Amber color almost Yellow. It is so noticibly yellow compared to my first PX1 bought in 2016, and when compared to all my other flashlights which have Bright White or Natural White LED.
    4) The LED is not Center Aligned with the Lense, causing the flood light to look Half round and Half square also causing a Bulls eye light that is not CENTERED inside the HALO.
    When I use my PX1 from 2016, it WORKS of Excellent Coast Quality, it cast a Centered Bulls Eye inside a Halo, Perfectly Round Flood and good LED Color and brightness.
    The 2017 PX1 I just purchased although IDENTICAL Material and Design, now disappoints in ASSEMBLY…Coast you must stay on top of the Assembly and Quality Control, someone is getting sloppy.

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    Perfect very bright light for all uses, this is the go anywhere use anywhere flashlight. I have been using this PX1 for 7 months in all different jobs, dropped it a few times, tough light always dependable. The construction, design, and quality is all there when you hold this light and use it. All it takes is two clicks to toggle between high output and low output, and a twist of the lense to flood or spot. 4 useful lights in one flash light. Anyone complaining about two handed use, get a HP7 or G50. If you need a strobe light, get a disco ball otherwise get a PX1 if you need a bright light for work or recreational uses. My friend was so impressed with how bright and functional this light was when we went camping and fishing, he went and bought a PX1 to replace his maglite XL50.

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    Hello, Alton, that is certainly not a common issue, and we apologize about that. Would you mind contacting our Warranty Team and they’ll be able to assist. Thanks!

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    Bought from Home Depot. Absolutely love it.

    Nice and bright! I got so used to it that it just doesn’t seem that bright anymore.

    ISSUE: I have trouble getting it to work with the Low Brightness. I can use it only after pressing the button over a dozen times.

    What’s the deal?

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    Simply the best compact flashlight. Full power, low power, flood, bulls eye, you can choose the right amount of light for the job. Solid Beam of light no flickering as some may have found. Excellent quality, construction and design. There are more expensive brands that are comparable, but that’s it, they’re more expensive.

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    WOW, JUST WOW. This light is so insanely bright i can light up my entire bedroom. This light does not have any fluttering problems what so ever, unlike some of the cheaper lights that i have owned. This light will not let you down. I would buy again for someone else as a gift in a heartbeat

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    I just bought the PX1 yesterday. The construction and material is second to none compared to the other flashlights on display. The high light beam is awesome!

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    Nice. Tough light. Warranty is a can’t beat. Returned my PX1. No problems, sent me a brand new one no questions asked. Always on my hip at work.

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    I own several Coast lights. I just got the PX1 another excellent Coast product. the clip is great for inside the pocket. I would like to find a belt case for it.

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    I have owned several Coast LED flashlights of varying lumens, mostly for household and outdoor recreational use. I just purchased the PX1 for use at work and WOW! was I ever amazed! I work on a railroad and I am on tracks a lot and I also need to pre-inspect the underside of my train at night. This light illuminates EVERYTHING that I need to see under the train and more! My co-workers can also see me quite clearly at a distance while I walk along active tracks at night. Thank you Coast for making such a fine caliber of flashlight that I truly feel safe with when I am at work! I highly recommend this light if you need bright illumination whether in a concentrated spot or a wide halo.

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    I love this flashlight it is light weight and has not stoped working for anything i would recommend this flashlight to anybody that needs a light in any condition wet dry cold hot it dont matter its a great all around light!!